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Written by MR. Smith of the Galent, after being trapped for two hundred years in the body of a Silioid.


My soul cry’s out day after day
My mind screams as loud as it can
Yet no sound escapes my mouth
it’s not seen on my face
I show no signs that I am trapped
Trapped in this world
Trapped in this human body
Trapped in the mind of a mortal

A weak mortal
His mind is fragile
His body sickly and dying
His body to weak for me to escape without destroying it

What do I do
Do I torment his soul
Do I leave him alone
Do I bring him joy

I know what I will do
I will give him my strength
I will give him my knowledge
I will give him freedom

I am that which is trapped
I am an undying mind
yet I grant freedom to that which will bring my death.


  • Amanda

    I like this one

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