First April Fools

First April fools

Ship log for the ESS Star Jumper of the Eastern galactic trading company, recorded on April first 2710.

Captain’s entry: Today was a very even full day to say the least, it started while in orbit of a gas giant that was in the process of being terraformed to test the terraforming process on a gas giant. It would be the first one to ever be terraformed if this was a success. As we orbited the planet waiting for the engines to cool down, so we could finish our six-month expedition across the galaxy. I sat at the helm looking out at the planet thinking about what I would do when I got back to my home world. We had one jump left then we had to unload the cargo and we would be done with a six-month cargo run.

As I day dreamed about my homecoming looking off at the planet watching as the colors swirl around on the planet’s surface the screen flicked. I jump out of my daydream, Oh no don’t tell me… we are only one jump out and the ship has a problem. I thought as I turn to my navigator, asking him if he saw what I did but he didn’t see anything, it was only my imagination.

As I sat back on my chair the screen flicked and went dark, I looked around to my crew and they looked at me as if nothing was wrong. I turned to my copilot and asked her if she thought that anything was wrong, but she just started to tell me about how she thought the terraforming process looked beautiful on planets with colored atmospheres while she looked at the screen as if it were the most interesting thing in the world. It was the same with everyone on the deck; they all looked at the blank screen and told me about the wonderful colors they saw. It wasn’t long before I knew something was wrong, the crew must be under the effects of something, but as I thought that, I wondered; the whole crew wouldn’t be affected the same way. Not just that but why was I the only one not effected.

Then it hit me I must be the one that was sick it makes much more sense than everyone being affected except me. With that consolation I headed to the ships medical deck, I had the doctor do a full work up on me he would find whatever is wrong with me. However, his test showed nothing and when I explained to him what was going on he said I was under too much stress.

That couldn’t be right this whole mission had been very clam, we were attacked by raiders once, but that had been four months ago. I spoke to the ships consular she just laughed and said I was looking too far into it. Nevertheless, after I insisted she told me I needed to rest that maybe it was the lack of incidents that has my nerves on edge. She then recommended that I take a break and go to the mess hall; look out at some stars to calm down while the engines cooled down. The stars would be opposite the planet so I would only be able to see them and nothing else.

Well I did just what she said I went to the mess hall and looked out into the darkness of space and the stars, I did I thought  maybe I could see the star of Alpha Primeous my home world. However, as I searched for the blue star it circled around there was none I knew I should be able to see it. I kept looking everywhere but no blue stars then I notice something was wrong. They weren’t enough stars in the view port, what was happening were we in the right place. As I started to panic, I saw one of the stars just go out, then another, I froze, was I dreaming? Did the star just go out? I thought, but as I looked again I saw them all go out one after the next. I grabbed the closes person to me and asked if they could see the stars, they looked at me as if I was delusional asking if I was okay, the stars are right there, they insisted pointing at the blank view port.

Everyone I turned to said the same thing I couldn’t handle it, I was going to snap I was running from crewmember to crew member hoping one of them would see what I saw. However, none of them did and I snapped. I fell to the ground and as I was about to scream the screens all lite up. There across every screen were two words printed in bright blue bold letters. “APRIL FOOLS” as I read the words I knew I had lost my mind, then my crew all stated laughing as my copilot came over to me and explained that it was a joke. She had set up the whole thing to teach me a little cultural lesson, maybe then I would stop acting as if I knew everything about earth she told me as she laughed.

Well it was one lesson I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. I learned my lesson, I didn’t know everything, and it was a pretty good joke that I fell for hock line and sinker.

End long entry file under personal captain logs.


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