Sep 302014

“My name is Alin Mandrel what are you?” Replied the creature in confusion. “I am a Cursed Morfean a member of The Brothers Will.” As Will talked his body slowly changed to copy that of Alin’s, he grew new arms and even a tail. “I really need your help we have to upgrade the engines, I need to cut a one month trip down to less than a week is there any way we can do that.” Alin looked at Will who was now a perfect copy of him down to where the spots on his skin were. “Umm yeah, I think it can be done, but we will only be able to modify the engines during cool down mode. But right now I wouldn’t know where to start to get the engines to push us that fast.” Alin replied, walking around Will in disbelief. “Well, I think we should work on getting the engines to a higher class, the captain told me that a class five would have me there in a week.” Will replied.

Alin sat on the ground with his legs folded; he had tools in one of his hands and a book and pen in two, he started flipping through the book as he circled things on the pages. “Hmm, well I can get the engines to a class three without any new parts, but to get to class five we would have to stop and order the parts needed.” Said Alin while writing in his book.

“Well, what if we can add a Gravity-core to the engines, I know it’s not a Gravity-Drive but we can use the core to boost the Jump speed right?” Asked Will looking to Alin, who started flipping through his book even faster, then flipping to the back, and writing down something. “That’s brilliant; Gravity-Drives use the Gravity-core to move, but the rest of the engine just holds the ship together. Which means if we were to add the Gravity-core to our engines, it would increase the speed to at least a class six Jump Drive, and because Gravity-cores don’t need to be cooled, we can use it to stay in a Jump while the Jump Drives Core cools down.”

Will looked at Alin with a smile, then spoke. “I need to get a few things done; I’ll let you start figuring out the details. I will be back before we drop out of the jump for cool down mode to help you finish building the Gravity-core.” “Wait a minute, how did you come up with that and how do you even know if I can do any of this?” Alin asked Will. “Well, I know you were top of your class and you built a working Gravity-core as your final class project. I came up with the idea because I can not only copy how you look, but the things you know as well.” Answered Will as he walked to the engine room’s doorway. “Don’t worry though I don’t know everything about you it seems I only gain your knowledge when I copied you, your secrets are safely in your head.” Will said as he walked through the doorway.

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Sep 302014

Character Bio Sheet For: The Brothers Three

Physical Appearance: The Brothers Three consist of triples +Will 7895, Will 7896, and Will 7897, tall well-built males of the cursed human race. They have short hair and no facial hair with blue eyes that almost seem to swirl into the heart of time itself. They each have just their number tattooed on the upper right shoulder almost on their necks. They also each have a birthmark on the right check, a third of a circle that forms a full circle if the three marks are combined.

Personality: Very quiet and forced the brothers three don’t speak much not even to each other. Though they are very soft-spoken, they can be loud when they need to be. Like little children, they only show how loud or powerful they can be when they are angry. Though this is very rare, it does happen and when it does their childlike innocence shows when they offer their enemies a chance to leave without a fight, but like an angry child they are near impossible to calm down once they are angry.

Daily Life: The brothers three live on Planet Earth where they help protect the colony of refuges that now reside on the planet. They spend their free time helping out as much as possible, doing anything from helping fix things to helping build new buildings and homes for the colony. Interestingly enough, they are the only members of The Brothers Will alliance that ever stay on planet earth for longer than a day at a time.

Fighting Technique: Using their ability to change the way time functions around them, they form a circle back to back as they use their strengths to fight. One slowing time for everything around him by speeding up himself, allowing him to use his weapons at unbelievable speeds. While the other looks into the future to see anything that could pass his brothers barrage of fire and take it down before it even gets a chance to pass his brother. The last waits for the few attacks that gets by his two brothers and traps them in a temporal shift freezing it in time. Together they have a perfect impermeable fighting style all looking out for the other so no one gets a single scratch.

Summary: Consisting of Will 7895, Will 7896, Will 7897, the brothers three are very powerful time hackers. With the ability to stop, slow, and even see into time itself, they are not easily caught off guard by an enemy. Though each brother has a different power they cannot function without the other, sharing a mental link they can only uses their powers with the help of one another. Though very young for a member of the Brothers Will, they are very strong-willed, never ever turning their back no matter how dire the situation may seem.

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Sep 292014

It looked as though no one was going to get off after all this was their first and possibly only chance to not only see a member of The Brothers Will in action but also to help one out. “Captain, I have found a course that will cut our travel time down by a few days, but it will require us to use the gravitational pull of a few stars to sling shot us across the systems we stop in during the cool down mode. It will put a bit of stress on the hull, but it will allow us to keep moving as fast as possible at all times.” Said the navigator. “Perfect anything that will speed us up is worth trying. Enter the course corrections in so we can get going.” Replied the captain.

Once the navigator finished entering the new course, the captain came over the intercom once more. “Entering Jump Mode in five, four, three, two, one.” He pushed a the red lever in the center of the cockpit controls all the way forward and the ship jerked forward as it entered the Jump. “Six hours till cool down mode everyone, let’s see what we can do to speed this trip up as much as possible.” The captain said over the intercom, then got up and head to his quarters.

Will 700 headed to the engine room, and started to talk as he walked through the doorway. “Who is the head engineer here?” Everyone in the room turned to look at him. “I need to speak to whoever is in charge can someone please help me.” He asked again. “I’m in charge, what can I help you with?” Said a voice from behind the engines. “I need your help. We have to get the engines to go much faster. I need them to be upgraded to at least a class five. My brother taught me a few things that should help so if you would let me use your tools we should be able to upgrade the engines.”

A short figure about 3 feet tall walked out from behind the engines, it was a humanoid with bright blue eyes, green skin with orange dots, four arms and a long tail. “Well, now what do we have here? A little boy asking to play with grown up tools.” The creature said with a condescending tone of voice, as it looked Will over. Will simply looked at it with a smile as he reached his hand out to sake one of the creature’s hands. “My name is Will 700 what is yours?” Will spoke with a smile as he shook one of the creature’s hands. As he did, his body began to change, his skin changed to green as he shrunk down to the size of the creature, he let go of its hand and with a smile, his eyes turned blue.

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Sep 282014

“Captain, how long will it take to get here?” “Well, our Jump-Drives are class one so about a month not counting the time we have to stop to allow the engines to cool down.” Answered the captain, the boy thought for a while, then turned back to the captain and spoke. “I thought the drives would get us there much faster, I didn’t know they were so slow.” “Well class one Jump-Drives are the slowest, and they can only run for six hours at a time, we would need at least a class five if we want to get there without stopping even then it would take a week, it’s because where you want to go is on the other side of the galaxy.” The captain said to the boy.

The boy sat in the copilot’s chair, as he did he thought about what he should do. A few minutes later, a smile came across his face. “I’ve got it!” He said excitedly as he pushed the transmit button on the Com to send a message to Earth. “This transmission is for The Brothers Will. I am Will 700 the newest member of the Brothers Will. I have chosen my race to protect, and they are in great need as I speak. The ship I am on is too slow. It will take too long to get to where I am needed so please send anything you can to help me get there faster. I am going to begin the journey now and will be sending my coordinates every time I drop out of a Jump. So I am asking for your help brothers, please help me to get to those that need my help.”

He released the button and turned to the captain. “I need you to begin the Jump, I have something to do. Oh and could you set it up so when we drop out of a Jump to cool down our position is sent to Earth.” He said to the captain then got up. “Okay, whatever you need, I’ll set it all up, but aren’t you going to wait for someone to reply?” The captain replied. The boy looked back at the captain; the look on his face was a clam but serous smile as he spoke. “Captain we are The Brothers Will, they have heard my message before I even spoke it, now it’s up to me to prove that I am really going to do what I have said.” The boy turned to face the doorway. “I was born to protect and I will do just that.” Said the boy as he walked out of the cockpit.

The captain sat in the cockpit and spoke over the intercom. “Everyone we have a change of plans, we are going to be on this mission a bit longer, we are now needed to carry our passenger to a different location as fast as possible so get ready you have two minutes before the first Jump. I’m not going to lie to you, this might get a bit dangerous, so if you want you can get off before we Jump, if not once we start, we will be doing every and anything to get there as fast as possible. That means we won’t be any stopping to let anyone off or on this ship.” The captain’s voice echoed through the ship and sent the crew to work; everyone got to their stations and began to ready the ship for the Jump.

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Sep 282014

Reality Drive

Technology Type: Engine

Engine type: Subspace Drive

Inventor: Will 24

Deception: With the reality matrix at its core, the drives work by folding space around the ship exceeding the speed of light by a factor of nearly 700, before it actually starts to move though the space it resides in. Then moving the space itself into a different layer of the universe where the speed of light is no longer a constant and the distance between two points are only relative to the amount of energy that the drive has.

Being in a sub layer of space it also allows the ship to pass through any matter without affecting the object it passes through or being affected by the object itself. This is possible because the layer of space the ship is moving though, has no matter that exist in normal space and any matter within this layer of space has no physical being, thus allowing the ship to pass through anything without actually interacting with the objects matter.

The only thing from normal space that has any kind of an effect on this sub layer of space is huge gravity wells, such as those found in stars, black holes, and anything else with a high enough gravitational pull. This allows the ships to navigate this layer of space, using these gravity marks like a star chart, however seeing that direction, spaceshal coordinates, even distance his no constant is this sub layer. The engine uses its own navigation system plotting the location of stars or black holes based on the energy need to get to the location, then jumping from one to the other in short burst while remaining in the sub layer, sometime jumping between 200 stars before it exits the sub layer.

Because of the amount of energy the drive uses it can only run for a maximum of 15 seconds for a small drive and 45 for a large high-powered drive. After which it has to shut off to cool down and allow enough energy to build back up so it can be used again. Though the time the drives runs is very short, even shorter than some drives take to start moving a ship. Within that time ships can travel anywhere from 500 to 5000 light years, making the drive the fastest drive to be built to date.

Will 24 invented the reality drive for his brother commander Will, the drive was intended to replace his Star Runners Jump Drive for one that could get him much further and get him there much faster. On its first test it broke the record for longest space jump of over 2500 light years in 20 seconds, and still holds the record with a 70,000 light year jump in 35 seconds. And like all great advancements, it was created completely on accident, having never intending to create a drive capable of jumping into the fifth and most unstable layer of space in the universe.


Sep 272014

It began to speak. “Whooo are… you, what are you?” It said changing its voice from the captain to the doctors then to one of its own. The captain answered the question. “I’m human, and I am the captain of this ship and you?” As it opened its mouth, everyone looked on waiting for an answer. “I’m I’m I’m not human I’m…” It said but stopped. “It looks like it’s trying to say something but doesn’t know how.” It nodded its head slowly as if it did not yet have full control of its own body. “That’s it, it wants us to talk, every one say something anything.” Said the captain. The crew began to say random words and sentences, the copy opened its mouth moving it as though speaking, but there were no words, then suddenly there were words. “I am a cursed human… the youngest of the Brothers Will.” It said slowly its voice changing with each word as it spoke, starting off slow and slowly speeding up. “You know who I am why do you ask?” It spoke in a more normal voice. “Why do I feel like this, did someone drug me?” It asked in the voice of the boy.

Then suddenly ran to the bathroom. “I’m going to throw up.” He grabbed the door, opened it and saw his reflection and froze for a moment. He turned and looked back, then turned back and waved at his reflection. “That’s not me, what’s going on here that’s not what I look like, how can this be?”

“Well, we were hoping you could tell us that.” Said the doctor the boy turned and looked at the doctor. “I’m I’m you, how is that possible, I can’t be you I’m me what’s going on.” Said the boy in a panic. “Hold on a minute, we don’t know what’s going on, your eyes glowed and then you turned to liquid…” The doctor continued to explain what had happened to him, when he finished the boy sat on the floor with a confused look on his face. Then he seemed to get an idea. “I know what I can do, I just Hope it works, Nannies active one hundred present!” His eyes glowed bright as his mouth opened and light came shining out like a beam, his body lifted from the ground. Then suddenly everything stopped and he dropped.

“Well, that didn’t work, and I was sure it would too.” However, as he stood to his feet, his body changed back to that of the boy that boarded the ship. “That was weird did we just enter a jump or something.” He said. “No your body is back to normal.” Answered the captain. “Yes, it worked!” The boy yelled, jumping for joy, then he froze for a moment as though lost in thought. “That’s it, now I remember what I had to do, I must save my people I’m the only one that can help.” Said the boy, the captain looked at him and asked. “What people, I though your race was the ones that did the saving?” “Well yes, but I mean my new people the Morfeans, one of them merged with me, and now I feel their pain and it is so much they have been slaves for so long. I must help them be free it is my duty as a member of the Brothers Will.” The boy replied as he walked to the cockpit controls, and punch in new coordinates and spoke.

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Sep 262014

It then started to morph again, but this time it raised up forming a spiral pole and then slowly, it began unwinding forming a tall cylinder 2 feet wide. “What is it making?” Asked a crewmember as she spoke the cylinder liquefied and fell to the ground in a splash. “What’s going on?” Asked the same crewmember. The liquid bubbled and started changing colors, it started forming the same shape, and it grew to the height of one of the crewmembers. “I wonder what it’s doing.” Said the captain. “I think it’s watching us, waiting for something.” Said the doctor, as he walked over to the shape and stood in front of it.

The front of the object facing the doctor changed into a mirror like surface reflecting the doctor. He reached out and touched the shape, and instantly pulled his hand back when his fingers touched it. “Ahh it bit me!” He yelled as he backed away from the shape. He turned his hand over and all of his fingers had small needle like puncture marks at their tips. “Get me some disinfectant I hope it didn’t give me anything.” He said as he wrapped his hand in his shirt.

It went dead silent as the shape began to change, slowly forming a human body, the doctor’s body. Everyone quickly but carefully moved back ever further. “It’s… it’s… its copying me, why is it doing that?” The doctor said with a hint of confusion and fear in his voice. It continued to morph until it was a perfect copy of the doctor. It had copied everything down to his clothes.

“What are you?” Said the captain as it looked at him. It then began moving its lips as if talking, but there was no sound of any kind. The captain stepped closer to it and spoke again. “What are you and what do you want and what did you do to my doctor?” It was the same as before, its mouth moved but there were no words. The captain’s face filled with anger as he yelled. “I’m going to ask you one last time, what are you and what do you want?” Its head turned as its lips started to move, then suddenly it started repeating what the captain had said, at first it was a low, almost animal like voice but it quickly changed to a perfect copy of the captain’s voice.

“It can talk?” Said a crewmember. “It can talk.” Said the copy in the captain’s voice. It turned its head to the side and looked over the captain’s shoulder. Then it turned its head looking left and right, then lifting its head to look up as if it were an explore in a new world, seeing everything for the first time. “What is it?” Said one of the crewmembers it stopped looking around and looked straight forward at the captain. “What is it?” This time its voice was that of the crewmember that had spoken the words. “Why is it copying us?” Said the doctor from behind the crewmembers. As it heard his voice, it turned around and started. “Why is it copying copying copying us us us…” “It’s not just copying us it wants something.” Said the captain. “I think you’re right, I think it’s learning. Whatever it is, it must be a newborn trying to learn about its new life.” Said the doctor, but what kind of life could it be forming from the death of another.” As he spoke, the captain watched the odd being waiting for it to copy him. “It stopped copying us, maybe now it will answer my question. Who and what are you?” Said the captain.

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Sep 262014

Reality Matrix

Technology Type: Engine core

Core Type: Sub-space Shifter

Inventor: Will 24

Deception: The reality matrix is a very powerful piece of cursed technology; it lies at the heart of every reality drive, allowing it to work. The matrix uses massive amounts of energy to project a field around the ship and the space around that ship, this field binds the ship and everything in it together for only and instant in time. At that instant the matrix, surpass the speed of light without moving. In a process that uses the energy it has to change the speed of light within the field to zero.

This breaking of the laws physics causes the matrix to be pushed from normal space as it is simultaneously pulled to a sub layer of space. In this sub layer the speed of light is no longer a constant but relative to the energy an object has. Because of the field that was projected at the instant the matrix exits normal space, it pulls everything in the field with it. Once in the sub layer of space, the matrix only continues to surpass the speed of light.

Though the reality drive is known as the fastest drive in the universe and the reality matrix itself never moves. In order to continually surpass the speed of light without moving, it uses the energy that is pushed into it to keep it from moving while still traveling faster than the speed of light, thus changing the speed of light to standing still.

Though it may seem that with a limit less amount of energy the matrix can keep anything in the sub layer, the matrix can only remain in the sub layer safely for one minute. After which it runs the risk of being stuck in the sub layer permanently. However, because the matrix is the only thing holding the ship to the sub layer of space, and the field it produces only binds the ship to the matrix the instant it enters the sub layer of space then dissipates. Means that once the matrix is no long running in the field projected by the drive; the ship is pushed back into normal space. This allows for a failsafe that ejects the matrix from the ship in the event that the matrix becomes stuck in the sub layer. Allowing the ship to return to normal space leaving the matrix in the sub layer of space.

Below is the first reality matrix to be built, it is almost two feet wide much larger than those kept in ships and is used to allow 24 to visit the sublayer of space the matrix goes to in order to maintain one of his labs in this layer of space.


Sep 252014

He walked over to one of the computer stations and pulled up the log files for all the rooms the boy had been in, he began to look over the videos and then started speaking as he continued. “The log files show that the boy simply got up and walk out of the medical bay to the cockpit, it also shows that no one interacted with the boy, but the people in this room, but no one was anywhere near him when he got up. So everyone calm down and let’s all think clearly. Does anyone remember anything about the boy that would explain this, anything at all?”

Every one sat as they wondered what could have been going on, the doctor stood and began to pace back and forth as everyone watched him. “Well, I’m not sure if I’m right, but I think this is the real boy, and someone or something did this to him with some kind of poison. However, given how this has happened, I would say it was given to him before he left Earth. From how much his DNA has changed, I would say whoever did this planned it for a long time, and it would explain everything. With the right formulas, they could have made a trigger that would be activated by the normally harmless radiation given off when the Jump-drive comes online. It would explain why this started when we started the first Jump, and why he got up after we dropped out of the jump, and even why he turned to liquid seconds before we were going to Jump again. Those are the times the radiation would be the highest.”

“Umm doctor I think you should see this.” Said the doctor’s assistant. “Not now I need to figure out what happen to the boy and who could do this. I don’t have time for your trivial things.” The doctor replied as he paced back and forth. “Look at the liquid now you idiot!” The assistant yelled. Every one’s head turned to look at the liquid bubbling. The doctor was shocked, dropping the device out of his hand onto the floor. “What’s it doing?” Asked the captain to the doctor. “I… I have no idea.” He replied.

The crew looked on as the liquid bubbled and then swirled around, all wondering what was next. “Maybe it’s going to evaporate, that would make sense, leave no trace of the boy at all.” Said a crewmember, everyone just continued to look as the liquid stopped bubbling and began to form a shape. At first, it was just the middle, forming what seems to be a small cube, then it grew in size deforming into a bumpy sphere. Everyone began to back away from the liquid. Then the shape it was making popped like a bubble, everyone jumped rushing back even more, crushing the device the doctor used to scan the boys DNA. “Oh no the scanner, now we have no way of proving this happened.” Said the doctor as he looked at the broken device. As he did, the sample on the testing stick formed a tiny puddle on the floor, then it just flowed over to the rest of the puddle like water running down a glass. It rejoined the puddle and when it did the liquid seemed to vibrate.

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Sep 252014


Technology type: Nanotechnology

Inventor: Will 24

Deception: Nannies are the first and most powerful piece of cursed technology; they are Nanotech at its best. Nannies consist of two parts, the first of which is called a control cell, named for its size and function. A control cell is an organic cell of a living being that contains a control system. Being placed in a living cell the control system functions like a living organism, allowing it to function using the cell as its power source. Control cells perform one function and that is to control its counterpart partial bots.

Partial bots are subatomic particles that are controlled by control cells, because partial bots are hundreds of times smaller than the particles that make up a single atom the laws of physics no longer apply to them. Meaning they are able to be in more than one place at once, they have no charge, and they can exceed the speed of light without using energy by riding on the pulls that whole atoms together.

Though they need no energy to function they do need energy to hold themselves together, a sort of built-in fail safe to prevent their base function from backfiring. The partial bots have one base function, as long as they have enough energy they replicate. They do this at a rate of double once per minute until they are given orders to stop or enter standby. When in standby the particle bots return to whatever they were before being converted, this way instead of destroying something to make copies of themselves they simply become that object. Meaning, if they run out of power they returned to the object they once were instead of becoming dust.

Nannies work by moving and resembling the particles that make up all matter, such as protons, neutron, and electrons, allowing them to build anything out of anything, building on a sub atomic leave they can convert elements into other elements. However, unlike any other Nanotech they can do much more than just build things. They can become anything that can be thought of by building that object out of themselves on a subatomic leave; creating any element imaginable. They can also repair anything, including living cells, allowing them to extend life indefinitely.

However, what they are known for best is their ability to give extraordinary abilities to living beings. Giving them extreme strength, speed, stamina, and never-ending life, healing their bodies within seconds. Extending their natural abilities to its max and adding ones that not even technology can copy. Allowing theses being to reach into their minds and gain any ability they can imagine. From shape sifting, time travel, even the ability to control energy itself. This makes any being infused with Nannies a cursed being. However, as a finial fail safe both the control cell and partial bots are needed for them to work, they are useless by themselves, seeing that the control cells need the partial bots to replicate, and the partial bots need the control cells to provide them with energy they need to be held together.