Jul 282014

Opening the door to her office she sees only her desk light is on, under it sits a letter. She walks to her desk and picks up the letter, as she goes to open it her hand freezes. There is no return address, no sender name and the date stamp is too worn out to read. The letter is old and it has an address on it she has never seen, but it has her full name even her middle initial.
She looks, wondering who could have put it there. Was it a prank, but why would someone do that and who would, no it must be serious, but how did it get to her all the way in her office. She keeps thinking about all the people in her life that know her full name. It’s a very short list of which she couldn’t see any of them sending her a Letter Like this, confusion fills her mind as she ponders whether or not to open the letter. Finally, she makes up her mind holds the letter in hand and slides the letter opener through the top tearing it open.
Her Mind races, as she turns the envelope over and a single sheet of paper falls from it, she picks it up and looks at the blank back then turns it over to see a picture. It’s a small girl no more than three years old, sitting on the ground drawing with charka. She looks at the picture in confusion trying her best to figure out who the person in the picture is, then she notices what the girl is drawing it’s her name. It hits her suddenly. The girl in the picture is her, but who would send her a picture of herself.
Dismissing it instantly she goes to toss the picture in the trash and sees that a second piece of paper is stuck to the back of it. She peels it off and reads. “Remember when you were younger, how you enjoyed the little things, happy birthday Love dad.” Her eyes began to water as she walked back to the door, She hadn’t thought about or even did anything but work since her dad had to leave four years ago, she had even forgotten today was her birthday.
Walking out of her office, she decided to take three weeks off, she spoke out loud to herself. “I will enjoy the little things again dad thanks for the birthday gift.”

Jul 282014

As I walk into the room my attention is drawn instantly to the bed. The flowing white sheets with the ever so slight indentation of a small body and a larger one right next to it. My mind begins to wonder as I walk into the room, and the sweet aroma of perfume and flowers slowly fills my airways.

I had been gone that night for the second time this week, I had been so busy at work that I never even left the workshop till an hour ago. But she must understand right? I am doing all this for her after all, but still it must be lonely without anyone to talk to but she… My thoughts were interrupted by a voice. “Is that you sweet heat, I missed you last night.” I turn to answer and her tiny hands grab my leg. “Da da.” I look down and pick her up as my wife walks into the room. “It looks like she missed you to.” She says with a smile. “Did you get everything you needed done, I hope you aren’t over working yourself because of us, you know we are happy the way we are now.”

With a big smile my little girl looks up at me, even though she can’t speak I understand that she wants her dad to be home more. “Don’t worry the projects almost done just a few more days and it will be complete.” I say to her with a smile, even though I wasn’t sure but I had to do my best for her sake.

This would be my last project for my brother 24, before I would be able to leave the brothers Will for my vacation. A vacation that would last a lifetime that I could spend with the ones I loved so much. My adopted daughter was now a year and a half, and she needed her dad just as much as my wife need me.

Jul 132014
Ten Thousand Walks

My mind was lost I couldn’t tell how much time was passing all I could feel was Annabella’s love engulfing me completely. Then I heard her voice, it was faint at first and wasn’t speaking words, but I understood what she was saying. She was happy, so happy that she got to spend the last two years together. I had saved her from the life that was destroying who she was and I gave her a life that was filled with joy. I smiled and fell to my knees weeping with joy.

Will opened his eyes and spoke. “She loved you to the very end and didn’t blame you for anything, and I have something to tell you that she wanted you to know that you might not have been able to understand. She wanted to tell you that you gave her so many reasons to be happy and she wanted to do the same for you.” I looked up at him smiling. “What did you mean by I need a name that carried my power with it.” I asked.

“Pick a name that will carry your power with you and not just anger.” He replied. “But I have none that I can think of I just want to leave this place and be done with it all.” I said back to him. It was silent for a while, then he smiled as if he figured out something. He walked over to Annabella’s body and I turn to see what he was doing. He leaned over her and as he moved her coat to the side, I drew my blades and attacked him. Running then right through him. “Get away from her you don’t have the right to touch her!!” I yelled at him, he just grabbed onto something she had with her as I lifted him with my blades and threw him across the field.

He hit the ground and I appeared above him as he landed, my blades headed straight for his neck. He held up a piece of paper in his hand to defend himself. “Wait, she was going to give this to you after the fight.” I stopped right as my blades were going to go through the paper. I held one blade to his neck as I took the paper from him. It had one line on it.

“You gave me Ten Thousand reasons to love you when I only needed one.”

I put away my blades and reached down to help Will back up. “I think I know what name I’m going to use now.” I said to him as he dusted himself off. He just smiled “Well then my new friend shall we give her the Burial she deserves.” He said to me walking back to her body.

We stood at her grave looking at the tombstone I had made for her. “My first love, the one that taught me the meaning of the word love and showed me what was worth fighting for, I will miss you for the rest of time, and I will honor you by saving all those who need to be saved.” I said then turned to Will, then walked away from him. “Hey, wait up, where are you going?” Will said as he walked after me. I looked back at him. “People need saving out there and I’m going to go save them.” I said as I walked and he followed me.

He walked behind me quietly for a few minutes; I looked back as I walked, wondering what he was doing following me. I was going to ask what he was doing behind me then he spoke. “I’m coming with you, of course, after all, you can’t save the world alone Daniel, or should I say Ten Thousand.” I smiled and glanced back at him and with a smirk, I replied to him. “Will and Ten Thousand the Cursed Heroes saving the universe, Hmm, I do like the sound of that.”

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Jul 132014
Ten Thousand Walks

I looked over at him and wondered if he could read minds. What’s he doing over there and how is this going to stop anything. “Ah, but you see only with your eyes, you see I cannot only I see into your mind and the minds of others but I can see into machines as well. However, there is a bit of a difference with machines I can control what they do. In this case, I can cause them to destroy themselves, preventing any of the systems in this city from working again. By doing this they will have to rebuild everything in the entire city from the ground up.” His voice continued in my head, then something else I didn’t expect came into my mind. A strange sight and feeling at the same time, of the people in the city. I could see and feel how they did things and I could see that with all the technology in the city destroyed, they would never be able to rebuild and would have to become a normal village. This meant the end of their technological control of others. I smiled this meant that I would have justice and at the same time, I would not be harming them, but protecting them from themselves.

Will walked up to me and smiled. “I have a question for you and your answer to it is very important.” He said to me with a smile I just nodded and waited for him to ask. “Well, I have seen what you have done here; your power is amazing beyond anything I have ever seen. So are you going to be a destroyer and destroy all that gets in your way, is that the reason for your power?” He asked me, which left me a bit shocked because I wouldn’t think someone would ask a question like that after what I had just done. “Well, I know what I did, but I was born to protect others, I have gained all these skills to do just that, but now I no longer have a reason to do this.” I said to him with pain in my voice.

“Daniel is strong and powerful and your name will go down in history as the most destructive person who ever lived, but is that what you want.” He said to me. I looked at him and wondered, did I want to be known for destruction or did I want to be a savior. “No, I want to be a person that saves others.” I said to him. He smiled at me and then closed his eyes. “You can no longer go by the name Daniel, that is human I think it is best that you go by something else. Something powerful, something that brings hope and something that will ring through the ages. Well, you can pick a name in a while, for now I have something for you to help you decide. Close your eyes and open your mind.” He said to me, confusing me a bit. His words were somewhat random there was no real logic behind them, which was a bit hard for me to understand.

As I was thinking about what he said, I felt a strange feeling of love. Overwhelming my mind and pushing out all of the anger and pain. I opened my eyes and looked at him, he just smiled. I didn’t understand what this feeling was then I felt something very familiar. “Aw, come on, don’t you get it by now I’m giving you the greatest gift, the last thoughts and feelings of the one you loved so much.” He said closing his eyes as his face got more serious, what I felt at that point was beyond words.

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Jul 122014
Ten Thousand Walks

With my anger raging over in my mind, I moved. I appeared under the city and then vanished; I flew up the main engines vent slashing my blades threw everything as I went up. Then, as I fell I aimed my blades straight down and cut right through the turbine. I hit the ground and the turbine exploded above me, and the city started to come down. The open valley that I just in was close by, close enough for the city to just reach as it hit the ground.

I was to protect this great city from what might destroy it even if what I protected it from was itself. I vanished and appeared at one of the four outer engines, in a flash I sent my blades threw it hundreds of times and it fell to pieces. I soon reaped this on all four main engines, then I sat looking at the final one as the pieces burnt. “I hope they learn their lesson by the time they get it all fixed.” I thought to myself looking into the flames

“See that wasn’t too hard and no one got hurt.” Wills voice came from behind me, I didn’t even see or hear him walk up to me, but there he was with a smile on his face. “Yeah, I might have made their lives a little bit harder over the next few months while they replace the broken engines, but in the long run I really haven’t done anything, they will just rebuild and remake the drug, then it will all start over again.” I said to him as I gazed off into the air wondering if I made the right choice.

“Don’t worry yourself so much, how about we be friends after all we will be alive for a very long time might as well have someone to talk to once in a while right. And I think you could use a hand in making up for the amount of lives you took here today. And maybe you could use the help finding a way to keep these things from happening again.” He said to me as he walked around the burning engines, picking at parts of it. I looked over at him; he must not be all there. However, if he could find a way to fix it so, the people in this city couldn’t hurt anyone again, without hurting anyone in the city; I would consider being his friend. I thought to myself watching him fiddle with the parts he was poking at.

“Well, say no more I know just what to do.” He said as if he was right there in my head, listening to my thoughts. Then, as I was about to speak, he walked away from me. “What is wrong with this guy?” I said to myself as he walked up to the edge of the city and placed his hand on the broken engine, closing his eyes and just standing still as if waiting for something. “Hey come now there is nothing wrong with me and I’m doing what you wanted, a way of stopping them without killing them.” A voice in my head spoke to me sounding just like Will but it couldn’t be he was too far away for me to hear.

“Man humans are not as smart as I thought, you know for someone that’s almost 200 years old you sure are dumb. You can hear me, because I am here in your mind you fool. For a person that can’t die no matter what it should be easy for you to believe that a person like me is real.” The voice said again in my head.

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Jul 122014
Ten Thousand Walks

I dropped him and stepped back slowly, I looked at what I had just done. From the army that was laying all around me down to the person laying on the ground with my blades sticking out of his chest. I fell to my knees, and screamed out. “Oh can you stop being so loud, I’m already in pain I don’t need my head hurting too you know.” A voice came from in front of me. I looked up and he was standing in front of me, with both my blades still sticking out of him.

He grabbed both of them and quickly pulled them from his body. As they left his body, the blood on them was pulled back into the wound just before it closed. Then his clothes repaired itself as he leaned forward to me. “Please relax I’m not one of these guys, I didn’t have anything to do with the death of your beloved. I truly feel for you so please don’t do that again, it hurts you know.” He said then handed my blades back to me.

I took them and then vanished appearing behind him with my blades to his neck. “Who are you, what are you and how do you know my name?” I asked, pulling my blade just to touch his neck. My questions were met by laughter as he stepped forward. My blade went through him like it would in the air, he then turned to me with a smile and not a mark on his neck. “Your funny Danny boy, I know everything about you, your minds like an open book to me. My name is Will or William, which ever you want to call me they are both my names. And those silly little things, though they are very sharp they can’t kill me.” He said, and then walked around me. “It also looks as if you are like me in a way, seems as though you will never know death yourself too.” He continued to say.

I looked at him, shocked but still very angry, and filled with so much pain because of what had just happened. “That’s great for you now remove yourself from my path I have something to do.” I said to him as I pushed him out of the way. “You know destroying the city won’t fix what happened. It was only the work of a few that did this to you. Why not just punish them in a way that would be worse than death. After all, we are both men of unusual power and we know there are things worse than death.” He said with an evil tone, as if he enjoyed the suffering of others.

For a moment, I was beginning to create a plan to destroy them. Then a voice in my head spoke as though it was the voice of someone else. “Is this what you spent all those years searching for?” I looked around at Will, he was just smiling as if he knew what the voice in my head was saying. Then he spoke shocking a little sense into me. “Well, tell me is this what you searched all these years for. Is this what you wanted to become a destroyer or a saver, cause from where I stand you are a destroyer that makes even me the man who caused the destruction of his own race look like a man of peace.” His words calmed and shocked me at the same time. What was going on?

“You humans are all the same no matter what planet you’re from.” He said as he walked away from me. I watched him then I turned to the city, I just couldn’t let them go to keep doing what they were but I couldn’t Kill them all it wouldn’t be right, and I would become a monster if I did that.

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Jul 112014
Ten Thousand Walks

Act X

Chapter 27: 10,000


My tears flowed down my face slowly, burning like knives as they tracked down my cheek. Setting my heart ablaze with anger and pain, my rage built as the army inched in towards me. I just wanted them to all die for what they had done. My mind went blank as the tears reached my chin. Moments later the army readied for their attack. They stepped in close surrounding me in a circle. Twenty of them took aim, as my tears fell from my chin.

My tears fell all in one drop. It moved slowly as if time was slowing down to mourn her death with me. The instant my tears hit her body my blades were already through the men that were closing in on me. The image of me holding Annabella disappeared and it was replaced by phantom copies all with blades threw the ones surrounding me. They couldn’t believe it, they were just about to fire on me and now my blades were running through their bodies. Then, before they could do anything, the phantom faded and I lost my mind with anger.

Moving through the army laying waste to them as thousands of phantoms appeared and disappeared. Cutting the army down by the thousands every second. My phantoms grew in number as my rage grew; I began to lose myself in my anger. My heart pumped adrenaline through my veins, pushing me to move faster and put more strength into every move. I began to push the number of phantom copies I have ever made, surpassing my pervious limit the by the thousands.

My mind started to go blank as an overwhelming amount of rage flooded threw every aspect of my mind, overflowing from my mind into my very soul. I screamed out in anger, and sorrow, my very soul raging against all that was. I could no longer hold myself together and I lost all control of who I was, I became more animal than anything else, my rage rushed out of my heat and into my blood. It boiled hotter as my eyes blurred with tears. Then I attacked with every bit of strength I had, attacking everything I saw in my path.

Within minutes the army was gone, all that was left was a field filled with bloody bodies. I stood still filled with rage and anger, not knowing what next to do, I had no one left to kill, but I was still filled with anger. I fell to my knees and cried out in pain, weeping my very heart out. I was alone again and I didn’t want to be alone again the pain was too much for me. *Click!* I heard something behind me, then a footstep. My mind blanked out again, it was time to destroy again.

I moved appearing in front of a tall man, my knives were reflected away from him without me even noticing. I looked down his hands had moved perfectly to let him block me with almost no effort. I swung again bringing my blades around, heading straight for his head. There was no way he could dodge my attack, no one could.

I stumbled into him a bit my blades only cutting his hair. “Clam down Daniel my…” I stopped him I moved both my arms right to his stomach and heart. I moved with all my force and speed even though he tried to block it my knives went straight into him. Ripping through his body and out his back. I held him up in the air with his feet almost a foot off the ground, he struggled for a few moments then his body just went motionless.

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Jul 112014
Ten Thousand Walks

We started to fight back to back vanishing and appearing all over as we fought laying waste to the army that grew more and more as they closed in on us. We had the advantage there was no way we could lose with our speed. Arrows began to fly through the air and my smile grew as I caught them out of the air, cutting some and then cutting through their weapons before they could reload to fire again. I appeared next to Annabella with a smile, she was breathing hard. “Relax for a minute I’ll take care of things babe.” I said to her then the sun disappeared behind a dark cloud. I looked up and it was arrows all above us.

They came falling down on us and I moved, I vanished and my phantom copies appeared all around and over her. Catching and deflecting every arrow that came to her. The copies vanished as the light from the sun hit them; I appeared next to her and help her back up. “Ready to finish this?” *WHOOSH. *

I vanished and appeared in the army and went crazy slashing at their weapons destroying and hurting them but not killing anyone. A few minutes later, I reappeared next to Annabella. “Are you going to help me finish dealing with them?” I said with my back to her watching them close in on us. “I’m so sorry baby.” The words were hiding pain on the edge of crying. I turn and she was sitting with her hand on her stomach. Blood running out from between her fingers.

*DOOOM!!* The sound of something crashing in the distance echoed as I realized she had been hit with an arrow. I rushed forward and held her. “You will be ok baby just relax I will get you to the healers they will fix you up just hold on.” I said with tears running down my face, holding her close. “I wish I had meet you earlier, but its ok, I love you and you made me so happy these past two years.” She said, the pain fading from her voice and it began to get weaker. “No baby save your strength you will be ok, don’t talk like you’re not going to be ok.” I said, my voice breaking with my tears. “I love you, my pervert, I love you so much never forget that.” Her words faded.

I felt no heart beat from her; I pulled her to me and held her tight. “NO baby don’t leave me, I love you too I need you!” I yelled out as my tears ran down my face, followed by screams. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” I dropped down to my knees with her in my hands leaned over her crying. The troops came closing in on all sides. They smiled as the huge army surrounded me.

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Jul 102014
Ten Thousand Walks

I held her hand then pulled her in wrapping my hand around her body, then I moved taking her with me. I headed for a clearing that was a few miles away, maybe they wouldn’t be able to track me there.

I stopped stumbling in the valley just under the volcano where the city of the healers was. I looked around behind me to see if they were still coming, thinking I had lost them, but I was wrong they were right there flying right for us. “Man, these guys don’t give up at all but how did they even find us.” I said to her as I pulled my blades out and turned to face the oncoming waves of Carriers. “Just wait here for a bit I’m going to take them down to size.” I said to Annabella then vanished, I appeared in between the oncoming Carriers and just let loses.

Slash after slash, my hand sent my blades threw the Carriers one after the next. I was hitting one, then using it to jump off of, vanishing as I passed through others and stopping as I hit another. Then sending the blades down between my legs into the carrier I was on top of then off I went again to the next one. I flew from carrier to, like a tornado ripping them to pieces as I moved in-between them.

I reappeared next to Annabella and lead over to catch my breath, I hadn’t fought like that in two years, I had lost a bit of my edge and needed some time to catch my breath back before I got started again. I estimated they would be on top of us by the time I was finished catching my breath, then I will end this I thought to myself as I gasped for air to catch my breath.

I looked up as they flew overhead, raining down weapons fire from above. I smiled and vanished with her, we appeared in the air, and I swung her around then threw her through the air. She flew by the carriers slashing at them as she passed, leaving a trail of explosions in the air behind her. Like lines of fire through the air. I dropped back to the ground, then vanished pulling her out of the air and back to the ground. We looked up as the carrier’s dropped soldiers.

“Looks like they figured out that if they stayed up there, they were just sitting ducks for us to pick off.” I said with a smile, laughing as the troops began to land. I looked over at Annabella and with a smile then vanished. I appeared in front of the troops. “You can’t win; you already saw what I can do so why not just give up already.” I said to them with my blades in hand. They looked at me as if I was joking and with a smile, they vanished. This I saw coming and I vanished stopping them in their tracks as I sent them flying back. Then Annabella joined me.

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