Apr 102014

Written by MR. Smith of the Galent, after being trapped for two hundred years in the body of a Silioid.


My soul cry’s out day after day
My mind screams as loud as it can
Yet no sound escapes my mouth
it’s not seen on my face
I show no signs that I am trapped
Trapped in this world
Trapped in this human body
Trapped in the mind of a mortal

A weak mortal
His mind is fragile
His body sickly and dying
His body to weak for me to escape without destroying it

What do I do
Do I torment his soul
Do I leave him alone
Do I bring him joy

I know what I will do
I will give him my strength
I will give him my knowledge
I will give him freedom

I am that which is trapped
I am an undying mind
yet I grant freedom to that which will bring my death.


Apr 092014
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Chapter 25: Return Of The Shadow

I looked outside, I saw a cloud of smoke in the distance moving towards us, and I knew it was the Forge city. It was time to get started; I walked inside to a chest I hadn’t opened since the house was built, a year and a half ago. I flipped it opened, Annabella heard it open, and she walked into the room. I pulled out a dark black cloak, then turn to look at her. “It’s time we get started.” I said to her as I pulled it over my shoulders. “Oh looking good mister, but do you think you still have it after all this time.” She said with a smile, I smiled back. Vanished and I was behind her pulling the other coat in my hand over her shoulders. I leaned forward to her ear. “You tell me if I still got it.” I said then kissed her on the cheek. She smiled and took my hand and walked to the door, opened it and walked out. She turned to me, smiled, kissed me then spoke. “One more mission, our last mission, and it will all be over.” She said with a smile.

We watched as the city moved out from behind the tree line and into our view. The shadow it cast hit us and as it hit our dark cloaks, we blended in with it and vanished.

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Apr 082014
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“Are you scared to go to the forge city, because it seems like you’re doing everything to keep me from going there. What are you afraid of?” I asked her as my hand ran across her face; she opened her eyes and smiled at me. Taking my hand in hers and just lying there not saying anything until I was going to ask her again. “You know you are cute when you don’t understand something.” She said with a smile, then turned her head to the lake and took my hand, pointing it to the shore of the lake. “Look out there, what do you see?” She asked me, I looked up and paused, then answered her. “I see a lake a large one that is filled by a huge network of caves that leads to an amazing underground…” her finger went to my lips stopping me from finishing my sentence.

“Hush and just look at what’s there what I see is possibilities, a vast lake that can become anything we choose. We can build anything here in this amazing place. It’s not just what’s there, it’s what can be there that’s important. That’s why I don’t want to go to the forge city I don’t want to fight I want to be happy and just live for a while. Can I have that, can you let me just live and be happy for a while please it’s all I want. And if you stay here and live with me, I promise I will repay you for giving me back my life any way I can.” She said then turned from looking at me when she stopped talking, to look at the lake, I could see a tear in her eyes. Something I had never seen from her before.

“I will make you a deal, the city follows a path, it’s a long one, but it will be back here in about a year and a half or two. How about we stay here, right here on this lake, and just wait for it to come back. No more going after it, we can just wait here for it to come to us, is that ok with you.” I said to her with a smile turning her head back to me. She smiled and jumped up wrapping her hands around me. “That’s ok pervert; I think I can handle that.” She said, with a voice that hid a cry behind it.

The next two years showed me a completely new side of her, and I showed her a side of myself that I thought I had lost over a hundred years ago. The days and weeks passed like a dream, filled with joy and laughter. We built a home to live in as we waited for the city to come back around. She even rescued a pet, well she called it a pet I called it a beast. A white tiger, one of the largest I had ever seen in all my travels.

The first year was the hard one, however, that year we had a lot to do. That was the year we built our home together, it took us almost six months of working all day almost every day to build. Once that was done, we had to find things and places to go to get all the things we would need to live the way we wanted to.

Then after that it was all fun and games so to speak, well at least that’s how I felt about things. Every day I woke up to her doing something strange, making me laugh every morning as she fought to keep me from seeing what she was doing. I even had a birthday party I knew nothing about, which I had no clue how she managed to pull off when I knew where she was all the time. Well, at least I thought I knew where she was all the time anyway.

It was the first time I was really happy and felt as if I belonged in my life and it made me wish that the city would never come back around, but I knew it would be coming soon and I was ok with it coming, though I didn’t want it to. “The city should be here in two days at most, after that it will all be over. We can finally finish what I started and get back to our life the way it should be.” I said with a smile on my face, then gave her a kiss on the lips.

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Apr 072014
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From there we headed through the forest in search of the next town over. Which wasn’t all the special, but at a normal speed of travel, it would take us a few weeks to get there on foot. “How about we speed things up a bit I’ll even carry you.” I said to her as we walked. “Hmm, let me think about that. No, I think you just want a reason to feel me up we can walk. To besides what’s your hurry pervert, do you have some woman there that you’re rushing to get back to.” I just laughed as I walked. “No, no I don’t, it’s ok we can walk I haven’t really taken it easy since I started the journey to find my father so so long ago. I think you’re right that we shouldn’t hurry.” I said with a smile as I gazed into the bright blue skies. Something I had not done in so many years.

The next few weeks passed by quickly, as me an Annabella traveled to the closest city. What we found in the city was interesting and well not very unexpected to say the least. All we found was a bunch of thugs that had found a way to get Shadow, and were using it to make money. I checked it out and after giving them the anti-drug I took whatever drugs they had on them and analyzed it. From what I could tell it was the same, but just a bit stronger than the other one that Annabella use to take.

It didn’t take us long to find out where they got it from and from there we went. Day after day followed by week after week we traveled and found those who were dealing the Shadow. We shut down dealer after dealer over the months to come and soon we were almost back at the source of the drug the forge city. However, for some reason it seemed as though she didn’t want to go to the city and end all this as if she just wanted to keep on following all these trails.

I sat looking out at the lake I remember so well that lake that I was shot out of after leaving the underground city. Annabella was laying with her head in my lap, playing with her hair. I looked down at her and thought about all the time we had spent together over the past year and some. It hit me that over all that time I never really took some time to actually look at her. She was an amazing woman. Her long black hair flowed down to her hips like the shimmering waters of the lake in front of me. Her body was small and well built, but not too much, I could see the muscles in her hands but nowhere else. I looked at her with her eyes close and ran my fingers down her soft smooth skin. She was the perfect woman for anyone so why was she here with me a cursed soul wandering the earth.

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Apr 062014
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I didn’t know what else to do but laugh then vanished. I moved much faster than I had before and much further than I was able to before in much less time. The effects of the Shadow had not completely worn off yet giving me an extra boost. I stopped and didn’t even realize where I was until I saw the smoke. Then it hit me where I was, I was back at the lake that we stopped at before going to the city of the healers. Well, this time it was just whoever was here camping and me.

I walked over to the fire slowly, doing my best not to seem like I wanted to hurt the person camping. I got up to whoever it was and they vanished. No, I thought not again. “Man that took you long enough. You had me here waiting for hours you big pervert.” I just started to laugh. “Really, you leave me there in the city and now you’re saying you were waiting for me.” I said to her as I turned around. “Well, I left you a note that said to meet me here when you woke up.” She said then I pulled a note from the coat pocket she was wearing. “Oops, I guess I took the wrong coat when I left.” She said with an evil little smile. I knew she didn’t take the wrong coat, but she planed it to see if I would come looking for her. “Sure wrong coat. And I didn’t come looking for you if that’s what you think I just came back this way.” I said to her then took the compass from the other pocket of the coat she was wearing.

“Oh is that all you wanted from me just what I had in my pockets, your horrible you know that’s just horrible. Now where are we going to go from here, are we going to the forge city or not.” She said to me and stuck her tongue out at me with her hands folded.

“We do need to go back to the forge city, but we don’t need to get there now sooo… how about we just take our time and look around as we head there. You know enjoy ourselves a bit before we get back to saving everyone else. Plus, I heard rumors about a lot of strange things happing in the city close to where we are now it could be the work of the Shadow. How about we go explore and see what we can find out.” I answered her with a smile as I took her hand and pulled her along.

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Apr 052014
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Act IX

Chapter 24: Bounding

The next day came and went quickly, I worked on getting the new drug ready looking over it carefully to make sure every part of it was the way it should be. The night came and I was ready to give her the new drug. “Are you ready, it’s time for the Shadow to meet the Light.” I said to her then got the needle ready. I looked up at her and smiled a year of work and it was about to pay off. I got the second needle ready and smiled as I looked at her. She sat on the side of the bed. “I’m ready now.” She said with a nervous smile on her face. I took the first needle filled with the new drug and give her the shot.

The next morning I woke up and she was gone the second needle filled with the enhancer to help the healing process was empty. She must have taken it before she left. I thought as I stretched, I felt something was wrong though; I had a strange feeling that something was off. She didn’t come and yell at me to wake up as she does every morning. I looked around the room and it hit me that all her things were gone. “Did she just leave like that, oh well not like there was any way we could have a life together anyway I don’t know what I was thinking.” I said to myself as I began to pack up my things to get ready to leave. “You know I thought she was different that just maybe I could have a taste of what it would be like to have a normal life for once. Oh well guess not, now it’s time to move on.”

I threw my coat on and put my blades on my sides, pulled my bag over my shoulder and vanished. I appeared at the front of the inn. “It was a nice visit, but it’s time for me to get going I left something in my room for you, thanks for everything see you later.” I said to Miss May then vanished. I appeared inside of Paul’s house holding a bottle in my hands. “It worked and this is for you, I changed the drug and took a few things out of it. This should just allow you to think faster no side effects. Take it once a month it wears off after time on its own if you don’t like the effects. I will see you later Master Paul.” I said with a smile, then vanished from his house.

I stood at the top of the center building in the city. “Man am I going to miss this place, but I guess it’s time for me to go on with my journey.” I said, looking around the city one last time, then vanished, seconds later I appeared at the bottom of the volcano. I looked around and I wondered where I wanted to go then I remember where I needed to go. I had to go back to the forge city and stop the drug from being made all together. I reached into my bag and stopped. “Where is my compass?” I felted around and pulled out the box. “Almost scared myself for a minute.” I opened the box and it was empty, she had taken my compass, it was the only way I could find the Forge city.

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Apr 042014
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I was looking at everything all wrong; the drug was designed to be addictive. It wasn’t a side effect it was the way it was made the O8C2 wasn’t a side effect of the breaking down process it was the reason for the breaking down process. I thought the radiation that was given off was to speed the atomic structure of the person, but I was wrong well mostly wrong. The radiation did do that, but it wasn’t to allow the person to move even faster instead it was so that the O8C2 couldn’t form. Because of the high levels of movement in the atoms of the person, the O8C2 compound couldn’t form. So it wouldn’t begin the breaking down process.

I didn’t fully understand how it worked as of yet, but I knew I was close, and thanks to the Shadow flowing threw me, I was thinking and focusing much more than I was used to. By the end of the night, I had solved the problem and figured out just how to fix it permanently. I would take out the extra oxygen in the makeup of the shadow. So instead of O8C2 being released when the radiation stopped a different but similar compound would be released O2C3 this would solve it perfectly. Now, instead of the drug in the body being broken down and ripped out of the cells nothing would happen.

I got to work on finishing it before the day was through and I headed back to the inn with it. This time the antidrug wouldn’t be something that I would drink, instead I would have to inject it directly into my blood stream. I pushed it into my arm and injected it into myself, then I explain it to Paul and Annabella. What I had done was lessen the amount of radioactive material in the drug and altered it just enough to make O2C3 instead of O8C2 other than that I hadn’t changed anything. My plan was to turn the drug into the cure for the drug a genius plan I thought to myself as I felt it starting to work. I started to breathe harder as it started to have the effect I wanted it to.

The drug was wearing off, but instead of O8C2 being created in my body to breaking down and rip the drug out of my cells O2C3 was created. This was perfect the unstable O8C2   that was already in my body boned with the O2C3 and splitting off into carbon dioxide. Then it was safely exhaled. I smiled “See, it’s working, just anyone else will need a huge dose of it to get enough in their system to counteract the original. I will add and addictive to help the cells regrow and rebuild themselves faster to make sure it’s all out of the person’s system as fast as possible.” I said with a smile as Paul just looked at me shaking his head. “Wow man you did it you solved something this this whole village couldn’t solve. Congratulations, you are by all our standards a doctor of extraordinary talent.” He said as he shook my hand.

He got up and left, then turned back as he walked through the door. “Congratulations again on curing your first patient Doctor Daniel.”

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Apr 032014
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I took the Shadow that night before I went to sleep, leaving the modified version of the antidrug to settle for the night so I could take it in the morning.

The next morning I was ready to have this stuff out of my system and I took the antidrug. Then I waited as I relaxed. I didn’t have anything to do that day besides just sit and wait to see what was going to happen. I laid out in the room with Annabella sitting in the chair watching me reading her book just loud enough for me to hear what she was reading. I drifted off to sleep as she read, waking up a few times when I heard the door open and close as she went in and out of the room.

The night came much faster than I thought it would and I didn’t even get up from where I was laying down for some reason I felt very lazy. I looked over at the bed and I saw her laying there. I wondered what was wrong with her I didn’t think I did anything to her, but maybe I did and that’s why she was acting like that and not saying anything to me. Oh well, I figured I would ask her in the morning, she’s asleep now or at least she’s acting like she is. I could see her taking a peek down at me every few minutes. I looked back up at the ceiling of the room. I felt a bit strange, I knew the drug had worn off already but I didn’t feel like myself. Maybe it was because I was sleeping and laying down all day so I got up and stretched.

Ahhh!! That hurts.” I said as I stretched a bit. It wasn’t as bad as the last time, but it still hurt a lot then as I went to lay back down the pain started to rush through my body like a fire burning my insides. “Hand me the bottle quickly it hurts.” I said, and she was up pouring it into my mouth by the time I was done speaking the words. I didn’t question how she managed to get it to me that fast, but I was happy she did. It flowed into my blood just in time and the pain started to go away.


“Why didn’t it work, it should have worked there must be a reason why it didn’t at all.” I said aloud to myself. “Well, it kind of did, I mean it took longer to wear off this time. Maybe next time you can work on a way to stop it from wearing off.” Annabella said as she rolled over in the bed, I just laid on the ground thinking. Noooo!!” I yelled a few seconds later. “It was just a suggestion jezz don’t have to shoot it down so hard.” She said, rolling again getting comfortable in the bed. “No, that’s it, I was looking at this wrong. The radiation is the antidrug that is already built into the drug that would explain the time limit perfectly. It would also explain why my antidrug didn’t work at all.” I said with excitement, then grabbing her and kissing her. “I think you just solved it.” I said than vanished from the room.

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Apr 022014
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I left and I was very happy, even though I was looking forward to incredible pain in a very short time. I didn’t care because what I made was better than the original and that meant that I was on my way to become a real doctor and finding an anti-drug to the shadow. I smiled, laying in bed for the night; I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

“AHHH!!!” My screams woke everyone in the inn, Annabella jump up and grabbed on to me. “Are you ok, what’s wrong?” She said while looking around the room to see if there was anyone there that had attacked me. Then, as she looked back to me, she saw blood running from my eyes. “I need more now it’s ripping me apart inside.” I managed to hold back my screams long enough to speak, then I started screaming again. She grabbed the closes bottle and held my mouth open as she poured it down. Then she held me down as I started to shake. “Come on don’t die on me, you said you wouldn’t leave me ever, you can’t do this to me.” She said with tears in her eyes as I stopped breathing.

“No you’re not leaving me, I won’t let you.” Her crying voice said as she hit my cheeks over and over yelling at me to wake up. She cried and screamed when I wouldn’t wake up. “Wake up you pervert, I love you.” She said as she collapsed on my chest crying. “Please wake up please.” She said crying as Paul came rushing into the room to see what was going on. He pulled her back, as she kicked and screamed at him to let her go. “Stop, he’s still alive, he just needs to wake back up I promise you he will be ok, now can you stand back while I tend to him.” He said, calming her down, then walking over to the bed and stabbing me in the chest with a needle. A few seconds later, I jumped up screaming. “Ahhh, what is wrong with you, why would you stab me in the heart. And why does my chest hurt so much.” I said shacking and holding my hand over my chest. I turned and I saw Annabella by the door laughing with tears in her eyes. “You big headed pervert trying to trick me.” She said with a smile and ran out the door.

“What just happened here?” I asked Paul rubbing my chest still. “Nothing, how are you feeling?” He answered me. “I feel fine except for my heart and chest feeling like someone was playing the drums on them.” I said back to him dropping back down on the bed. He just smiled and left the room.

The next morning I felt like normal again the drug was flowing through my system and I felt it. I knew I needed it now. I figured that because of how much stronger it was than the original that it must be much more addictive. Which was just what I needed in order to test the anti-drug. Though I figured after last night, I might need to make it a bit stronger for the next day. I spent the rest of the day in the lab working on making it stronger. It was a little odd though Annabella was there with me just watching my every move all day not saying much. I was as lost as to what was wrong with her, or if I had, did something to her the night before to make her mad at me. However, I didn’t want to say anything I just worked on the new drug as she watched on in silence.

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Apr 012014
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“So how long did it take you to get addicted to Shadow or how many times did you take it before you knew you were addicted to it.” I said to Annabella. “After I didn’t take it on time the second time I realized I couldn’t go without it. The first time I missed taking it, I just hurt like there was no tomorrow, but it wasn’t until after that when I got more and ran out again that it was bad. That time it didn’t just hurt but I started seeing and hearing things, all I could think about was when was the next time I would get more Shadow. Then, once I had enough for a week I felt different, as I got close to the time I would need to take it, I felt on edge and uneasy like my whole body was off.” She replied to me as the look on her face changed to one of pain, I could tell she didn’t like talking about it but I had never heard her talk about it before.

I took one of the vials, and then went bottoms up with it and within seconds I could feel it working. My body began to tense up as I felt my breathing slow, my mind slowly began to work faster and faster. Then things around me began to look as if they were moving slower. At first, it was just a bit slower, and then it started to slow down a lot more as if time was slowing down all around me.

It was amazing how things looked all around me, I could understand why this would get addictive. The next day I took it on time like I was supposed to, after this dose I wouldn’t take it again until I went through withdrawal. I felt normal that day the effects were not as noticeable, but that was only because I was starting to get used to it as she said I would. “It’s been a day already, why hasn’t it started to wear off yet?” I asked Paul that night, as I stretched, then sat down in the chair for him to take some of my blood. He took a sample of my blood and put it under the microscope to take a look at it, after a few minutes of him looking at my blood and comparing it to Annabella’s he spoke. “Well, that’s interesting, it seems as though the version we made is just a tiny bit stronger than the original. Maybe it’s because we have a better mixing system here so it comes out better.” I smiled, this was the first thing I made that he complimented. “Well, it’s better made, but the drug will still have the same effect as the original, the side effects of withdrawal should kick in later tonight, maybe in the morning we just have to wait and see.” He said laying back in his chair with a smile. “Ok, that sounds good I think I’ll go and get some rest and see what happens tomorrow.” I Replayed to him then got up out of the chair and headed to the door.

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