Sep 152014

The doctor went to the medical bay and returned with a small device in his hand. He pulled a small stick like object from the device and stuck it into the liquid. He then stuck it back into the device, as he spoke. “This has a sample of the boys DNA from when he boarded the ship, everyone that boards the ship goes through a full scan as they enter the ship. It scans everything down to their DNA. It alerts us to any illness a person might be unknowingly carrying. This device will compare the one on file with the one I have just given it. It will tell me if the DNA has changed since he got on the ship and if so how it has changed. It also gives me information on his DNA so we will be able to tell if he is actually what he says he is.”

The machine hummed very low as it worked, a small light flashed different colors as it ran starting with green, then blue, then yellow, then red. The light stopped flashing and stayed red, as the humming sound came to a stop. “It’s done analyzing the sample, now it’s comparing the DNA to give me the results in about a minute.” The doctor said with a low concerned voice looking at the device. That minute of waiting seemed like a year, the tension in the room grew to the point of snapping in that short time. Just as it was about to snap, the voice of the doctor held it back from breaking.

“The DNA is a ninety percent match; his DNA has changed by ten percent since he got on the ship. The parts of his DNA that has changed are the parts the effect his bodies shape, and his internal functions. They have been rearranged in a random order. That’s what caused him to turn to liquid his body has no shape, and it’s still changing, rearranging itself randomly as we speak.” The doctor said with confusing in his voice as he sat down. “This just isn’t possible.” He said as he ran his hand through his hair.

The crew looked on with fear in their eyes. “What could have done this to him? Is it still on board? And could what happen to the boy happen to anyone else?” The captain asked the doctor. “I really don’t know captain. I don’t even understand how this could even be happened.” As the doctor spoke tears came to one of the crewmembers eyes, he jumped to his feet and went running to the air lock screaming. “They’re not going to get me!” He screamed at the top of his lungs, hitting the air lock button, nothing.

Everyone’s heart seemed to stop when the air lock didn’t open. The crewmember smashed the air lock button repeatedly hoping it would open and pull him out. “Get him away from there before the air lock opens!” Yelled the captain, three crewmembers following the captains orders grabbed him and pulled him from the door. They pushed him in one of the empty rooms as the captain overrode the security lock on the door to lock him in. The captain then turned back to the crew and spoke. “Okay everyone we all have to stay clam for a moment.”

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Sep 122014

They all stood there confused wondering if someone had taken his body. The look of fear was back on their faces, worse than before. Their minds filled with thoughts. “Maybe this was a trap and the killer wanted us to drop out of the jump so he could flee with the body.” Said a crewmember, fear, and panic filled the atmosphere with tension when the crewmember spoke again. “Maybe the killer is still on board waiting to kill us all.” The captain spoke quickly interrupting the crewmember. “Stop it all of you, there must be a reason for this, there is no killer on board my ship. So let’s all calm down and think for a while there must be a reasonable explanation for all of this.”

“Hey, Why have we stopped? Have we arrived already? It feels like we just left.” Said a voice from the cockpit. The crew turned and ran to the cockpit. The door was cracked just a bit, the crew could hear someone humming inside, the captain pushed the door open slowly. There sitting before them was the boy, he swung the chair around and spoke. “Shouldn’t there be a      planet somewhere around here, I don’t see anything.”

The crew looked at the boy in amazement and fear “So this is why you are called Cursed Humans.” Said the captain to the boy. “I don’t understand what you mean.” The boy said with a smile on his face. “Nothing nothing. To answer your question we have not reach we just stopped to do… a check of the ship. We will be on our way soon, just a few more minutes as we get the ship ready to jump.” The captain sat in the chair next to the boy and began to ready the ship for the next jump.

The crew headed back to their stations and got ready for the jump. The boy sat and waited for the ship to leave, looking out the cockpit window to catch the moment the ship went into jump mode. The engines began to power up, roaring as the Jump-Drives came online. The captain’s voice came over the intercom. “Entering Jump mode in five, four, three…” “Wait!” The boy yelled and the captain pulled back the leaver he was pushing forward to enter the jump. “We we need to do something I’m not sure what it is but we must go to the the th…” The boy fell to the ground without finishing his sentence, his eyes began to glow, and then he began to scream out in pain. The crew didn’t know what to do, there wasn’t really anything they could do but watch as the boy’s body began to shake and deform. Then liquefying into a puddle of brown skin colored liquid.

Everyone stood speechless, not a sound was made as the same thought rolled into everyone’s minds. “What just happened?” They moved in close surrounding the puddle to take a closer look. Maybe there was something, anything that was more believable than what just happened. Then the doctor spoke. ”I think we should run a DNA test on the liquid, to make sure this liquid is really the boy who came on the ship, or if it’s something else.” “Yes, what if someone kidnapped him before we left and replaced him with something else, maybe that’s why we thought he was dead before and it would explain what just happened.” said the other medical officers.

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Sep 102014

An hour passed by quickly and the captain gathered the crew together once again. “Did anyone find anything or anyone?” The crew all nodded a depressing no. “What about you, did you find out the cause of death?” The captain said as he pointed to the medical officers. “No we found nothing sir, no signs of anything at all; it’s as if he was alive one minute and dead the next. His body is in perfect condition. In fact I don’t understand why he isn’t alive walking around right now, I mean he is in better health than anyone I have ever seen.” He replied, as he did the captain paced back and forth. “Drop us out of Jump mode and bring the com-systems up I will send the message.”

The ship dropped out of the Jump and began to draft through space, the crew sat and waited in silence as the captain opened a com-link to the location where they were to drop the boy off. As the captain tried to get in contact with the members of The Brothers Will that was waiting for the boy, the crew began to talk among themselves. “The boy couldn’t have been one of The Brothers Will they are Cursed Humans, nothing can kill them.” Said one of the crewmembers. “If he really is one of them they must be playing a joke of some kind on us.” He was interrupted by the woman who had found the boy. “Yes he really was one of The Brothers Will, I was there at their celebration to welcome him to The Brothers Will, there is no doubt about it. He may have only been a young boy, but he was one of them and he’s dead now.”

It went quite, even the low whispers among the crew that were hardly heard stopped as they began to realize that one of The Brothers Will had really died in their care. As they, all wondered what this would mean. It went totally silent; the steady hum of the engines was all that could be heard breaking through the dead silence. Fear came across their faces as one spoke aloud what they were all thinking. “They’re going to kill us all aren’t they? I mean the youngest of them died in our care. What do we do now?” There was silence once more as they looked at one another hopping someone would have and answer to their question.

The captain entered the room. “The radio station is damaged on the world we were headed to. They have no long range com-systems, so they haven’t been in contact with The Brothers Will since before we left for them.” Said the crewmember at the com-system. The captain sat with the rest of the crew and waited for something, anything at all to happen.

An hour passed in silence. “We are going to have to try to contact Earth, it’s a long shot that we would get anyone from The Brothers Will, but we must try.” The captain said to the crew. The crew spoke among themselves for a few minutes and it was decided that they would contact Earth and tell them what happened. As they prepared to contact Earth, the captain tried to figure out what he would say in the unlikely case that they got one of The Brothers Will directly. But mostly what he was going to leave as a message to be sent to the leader of The Brothers Will. As the captain talked the message over with some of the crew, a scream came from the medical bay. “He’s gone he’s gone!” The crew all came rushing into the medical bay, seeing the boy gone the captain looked around and asked. “What happened, where did he go, who was watching him?”

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Sep 102014

Slowly it began to move towards his face, as the top grew close to the boy’s head it lifted up off his body, and went directly over his face. Then lunged forward. It entered the boy’s mouth and nose, the boy’s body jerked as his lungs filled with the creature. As it did the rest of the Morfeans body wrapped around the boy, covering his entire body. It created what seems to be a cocoon around the boy’s body wrapping tightly around the boy as he struggled for air.

A few minutes passed and the struggling stopped. There was nothing, no movement at all perfectly still. The cocoon then started to absorb in to the boy’s body, within minutes it was gone. All that was left before long was the boy’s motion less body on the floor.

The door to the room opened and a crewmember from the ship walked in. There in the middle of the room laid the boy’s body. She looked around the room, but there was no one else so she walked up to the boy. “Hey kid, are you okay?” She said as she pushed his shoulder and repeated. “Hey kid you okay? Wake up!” There was no response from the boy at all, she knew something must be wrong. She quickly yelled out for help, and the other members of the crew came rushing in to see what was going on.

Seeing the boy on the floor, they rushed straight to him trying their best to wake him, but it was no use he didn’t budge. The medical officer for the ship checked his pulse and breathing but there were no signs of life at all. He stood up and shock his head as he spoke. “He’s dead.”

The crew immediately panicked running around grabbing their things. “Every one stop right there!” Yelled the captain. “Now, all of you in here now. First of all stop your useless panicking.” The crew all stopped and walked back to the room awaiting the captain’s orders. “Now we need to get the boy to the medical bay, and then we need to search the ship to make sure there is no one on board that shouldn’t be. Once we do that we will need to drop out of jump mode and send a transmission to the Brothers Will informing them of what happen.” He pointed at the doctor and his assent. “You two get the boy to the medical bay and see if you can figure out what happened to him, everyone else search every inch of this ship I want everything accounted for down to the last bolt!”

The words of the captain sent the crew off to work in a frenzy. The medical officers placed the boy on a stretcher and headed to the medical bay. The other members of the crew began to search the ship, checking every inch, of every opening, every storage unit and panel, even checking under everything, they looked everywhere. They worked as fast as they could while the doctors scanned the boy’s body, looking over everything to find out what happened to him.

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Sep 092014

The two looked at each other then back at the boy and spoke. “We need a sample of your DNA; it may be our only hope of repairing the damage that has been done to our own DNA over the centuries.” The boy looked on at them with a smile and asked one question. “Do you have a way of collecting the sample?” The two looked at each other, then in what seemed like an impossible act, they reach into each other’s bodies, removing two small black cases from their chest. They opened them one contained a strange needle like device and the other healed four small empty glass vials, they took one of the vials and inserted it into the back of the needle device. As they did the boy put his arm out so they could draw out some of his blood, they inserted the needle into his arm and filled the four vials with blood. As the removed the needle from his arm the small hole the needle left vanished the instant the needle was removed, not even letting one drop of blood come out before it could heal.

The two Morfeans then looked at one another, the one with the needle still holding a vial of blood in it, smiled and injected itself with a quick jab. “What are you doing?” Asked the boy; as he did the Morfean that injected itself fell to the ground. Then a loud screaming noise came from the creature as its body began to warp and become more and more misshapen with every second, as it did the other Morfean spoke. “His body is rejecting your DNA, it seems as though your DNA is to strong it’s taking him over, and it’s going to kill him.” The boy looked at the warping creature on the floor. “Is there anything you can do to save him?”

There was a pause before the Morfean spoke. “There’s only one thing I can do to save him, but it stands a chance of not working.” The boy looked up quickly and spoke. “Hurry and try it, is there anything I can do to help please tell me.”

“When our race lost the ability to change our DNA we gained an unexpected ability, we can now merge with other races. This only works with a willing host otherwise we can be rejected and both the person we are trying to merge with and we ourselves could die. You must be willing to do this if we are going to save him.” The boy looked down at the creature morphing and screaming out in pain, then back to the other and spoke. “Hurry, it looks like its getting worse!” The Morfean looked up at him leaned back and spoke. “This is going to hurt.” Then lunged towards the boy grabbing his arms, pinning him to the ground. Its body began to melt into a liquid, wrapping around the boy like a snake.

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Sep 092014

Name: Planet Hack

Planet Type: Man made super giant
Built by Commander Will, It is located among the many hundreds of shells left from plants that have been mined out and left floating in the planetary graveyard. The planet was built from the hundreds of wrecked ships, and the shell of the planets in the graveyard, with a Gravity drive at its core.

Built to support many different forms of life, the planet uses the gravity drive to control the gravity across the planet, allowing it to have more the fifty different gravitational pulls, which in turn allows for over 300 different atmospheric conditions.  Which are controlled and maintained by atmosphere generators, plants, and air scrubbers. Making it the only planet, to have extreme atmospheric conditions not related to weather, and one of a very few number of planets where the weather never changes.

The planet uses a three-part defense system to fend off the many attackers. Starting with its location at the center of the planter graveyard. The wreckage of planets and ships are in a constantly changing orbit; along with each having a different gravitational pull makes it impossible to navigate the system without guidance. Next comes the planet’s laser defiance grid; a set of ships places around the planet in the wreckage to hide themselves, firing on anything that has not been cleared to approach the planet. Last a defense network on the planet made up of everything from small lower power lasers, to large plasma cannons and Grav-bomb launchers. All pointed straight up ready to fire on anything that gets too close to the planet.

The planet was created as the home world for the Planet Hackers Alliance and to be a new better home for all who had lost their homes in the Gwar. It was to be a safe place of escape from the war, and it did just that with its ruler commander Will (Will 6975) never resting forever its proctor.

Sep 092014

The instant the ship jumped the two Morfeans were in front of the boy. They stood in front of him, looking him over from head to toe, then walking around him analyzing him. They looked at each other, then back at the boy who simply looked at them with a look of curiosity on his face. They spoke together as if they were one person, but their language was new to the boy he could not understand anything they were saying. A few minutes passed as the two Morfeans tried their best to communicate with the boy. However, he could only look on, then he got an idea, he knew the race must be telepathic to be able to speak as one the way they did, which means he could use the translator his brother had made for him. It only worked on telepathic races seeing that it was not yet finished and able to work on any race.

The translator picked up the telepathic information and would transfer it into his mind while at the same time transferring his thoughts as he spoke to the aliens making it seem as though they were speaking the same langue. He walked to his bags as he waved for the two aliens to follow him, he removed the translator from his bag and switched it on, he then split its two parts and handed one to the aliens while he held onto the other. They both held on to the strange object looking over the whole thing as the boy spoke. “It’s a universal mental translator my brother made it for me, it’s not really finished yet, but it should work on your race.” The aliens looked on in amazement. “Can you understand us?” They said hoping for a yes. “Yes I can.” The boy answered. “Now I take it you have something to tell me.” He continued with a smile.

“We come in peace asking for your help, we are of the Morfean race. We were once a great race of spies but now we are weak and have become slaves to the highest bidder. We were once the greatest of the shape shifting races, able to copy any living thing down to its very DNA allowing us to learn their language and anything else they knew. But hundreds of years of research and experimenting on ourselves has left us weak, it has taken our abilities. We can no longer copy races as before, and the forms we can now take only last for a few hours at best before we revert to our natural form. We need your help please will you help us?” The boy looked at them still smiling. “I’ll help you anyway I can, it is now my duty as part of the Brothers Will to help anyone in need of help. Just tell me what I can do and I will do my best to help.”

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Sep 062014

As he held them in his hands Will 24 removed the cap from the test tube and placed it back in the box, he then turned his back and walked back into the crowd, as Will Ten Thousand turned and walked towards the boy. He handed the test tube to the boy with a smile and spoke. “Drink, these are your nannies made just for you and you alone; they will imprint on you and help you to develop your own special powers.” The boy took the test tube from his hands and drank it. “Good, now this is your Star-core it will supply you with all the power you will ever need and link you to the rest of us, from this day forward you will be one of the mighty protectors, you will be one of The Brothers Will.” He placed the sphere in the boy’s left hand and stepped back. “Now you must take the Star-core and merge it with your heart.” The boy took the object and placed it on the upper right side of his chest over his heart; he closed his eyes and pushed it into his chest. The object sunk through the boy’s skin and disappeared into his body, he opened his eyes as they glowed bright like the sun. The boy floated off the ground as his eyes glowed brighter, and a beam of light shot out of his mouth as if his insides were burning. Will Ten Thousand turned back to the crown as the boy fell to the ground on his knees he raised his hands and spoke. “He is now one of the Brothers Will.” His voice echoed for everyone to hear, as the boy stood to his feet, the crowd cheers echoed through the air. The members of the Brothers Will raised their weapons to the skies and fired, lighting up the skies with the bright colors of their weapons.

“Your nannies will not be active for 24 hours, after which you may try to develop your powers, make sure they are what you want. After they are just the way, you want them to be you can imprint them into your nannies and your body. Good luck on your journey my young brother.” Will Ten Thousand said to the boy then vanished, the boy smiled and nodded. Then turned and boarded the ship waiting behind him, to take him to his new home, on a nearby planet. There he would be taught many languages, and customs, so he may better understand the people he would one day protect.

This was just what the Morfeans had been waiting for, a chance to get close to the boy. Though they could not change their DNA to copy anyone, they were still very skilled spies and so they found their way onto the ship without being seen and waited. The ship left the Earth and set its course for the new world, with its engines at full power they passed the moon and out of the Earth’s gravity. Once clear, they engaged the Jump Drives. Once in jump mode they could travel the seventy light years to the destination planet in a few hours. However, once in jump mode there was no getting on or off the ship. This was just what the Morfeans wanted and needed. Once the ship entered jump mode the boy would have nowhere to go and they could finally meet him without worry.

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Sep 052014

As they searched, they came across myths written in ancient languages on many of the worlds they searched. This myth was of a race of beings thought to be cursed, with the worst curse in the universe, but they were powerful and kind. They were ancient and never mixed with any other race because of their curse, but no one knew where they were or where they came from.

These myths gave them hope if only a small amount it was enough to keep them searching. Like all myths, they knew there had to be some truth behind. They knew that this race was real for so many to have the myth, but it was an old myth even before their time as great spies, but it was still something. And it was more than enough to get them to search much harder than before. In their search, they came across an artifact older than any they had found before and it was just what they needed. The artifact told of a blue planet, where a single man channeled God and was cursed, with the worst curse possible and it would follow all his descends for all time. It was the origins of the myth and this blue planet was well known as the home of the race of protectors. Their luck was finally looking up, they headed for the blue planet at the edge of the galaxy, and the closer they got the more their luck seem to look up.

As they headed to the blue planet, they got news that all of the members of this cursed race would be gathered together, but more importantly, one of them would be a child perfect for them to get a pure sample of DNA from. Still a mere child, he would be getting ready to leave his home world of Earth, on the celebration of his 13th birthday. If they could somehow get a sample of his DNA, they might have a chance to not only achieving their goal but also saving their race from extinction.

There was a great celebration for the young child, a great many came to see the boy off for he was the last one of his race to be born for more than five hundred years. Among the people who came to see him off were his brothers, they stood like a great army with weapons of great power in hand. As the boy stood looking out to his brothers, two of them walked forward, one carried only a small box in both hands. They spoke one after the next. “I am Will 24 also known as Tech I provide all the weapons and technology to our race. I have two gifts for you.” As he finished speaking, he opened the small box in his hands, then the other spoke. “I am Will Ten Thousand, also known as Doc. I am the doctor to our race whenever you need help, I will be there, even before you can call on me.” He said with a calming voice as he turned to Will 24, and reached into the box that he held in his hands. He first took a test tube filled with a silver colored liquid from the box and held it in his left hand, then reached back into the box and removed a small glowing sphere.

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Sep 052014

It is now the year 2570 new galactic time, five hundred years have passed since the Morfeans began their research; they have been all but forgotten, dismissed as a legend in children’s stories.

With their newfound knowledge, they decided it was time to rejoin the universe they had left so long ago. Looking to regain their once great reputation and find that one race that would be the key to their goal. However, the universe is never so kind; being gone for so long, they knew nothing of the new worlds and races that had roses to power in their absences. They were once again new to the universe, and had to work their way up from the bottom. Unfortunately, this was not the worst part of their problem, but only a side not, their real problem lay within all the research and experiments they had done on themselves, that had damaged their DNA. It was much worse than they first thought, they lost their greatest asset they no longer had the ability to copy others by absorbing DNA.

Without their ability to copy and learn from other races, they would be at a great disadvantage. They had no way of communicating, learning, or even defending themselves, and so instead of rejoining the rest of the universe as the great Morfean race, they were now a race with nothing. Soon they were enslaved and sold throughout the universe as slaves for work or entertainment, to anyone that was willing to pay the high price for them. With no one able to understand them, no one would help them or even know they needed help for that matter. It was hopeless they couldn’t even defend themselves; it was over for them their race would be gone before long at this rate.

The greatest race of spies was now no more than a simple bunch of performers enslaved to entertain the masses. Their minds cried out, but no matter how hard they tried, they found no help, no one who heard their cried could even understand it. They were trapped, unable to run or hide, unable to return to the world unseen by the universe. Even those that stayed behind on the planet were trapped; they could do nothing to help their brethren. So they waited and planned. Sending out small ships to search the universe for the race that would restore them and give them their dream.

For fifty years they searched the universe, their hope slowly fading it seemed so hopeless. Even though they learned much about the new worlds it still was not enough, but worst yet they grew weaker with each passing day. If they couldn’t find something or someone to help them, they would soon begin to die out. They were on their last generation and if they couldn’t fix the damage done to their DNA their race would vanish from the universe altogether.

More and more left the research world to search for anything that could help them but most of them were captured, few managed to remain unnoticed as they went from world to world searching. Yet still they went out risking everything to search the vastness of space.

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