Aug 222014

The very space around this planet was soon filled with space stations of all kinds, as word of this world so far from the war and inhabited by a member of The Brothers Will spread. Even though he wanted nothing to do with these people, he had no choice but to watch them fill his home. Will knew he had to do something if he wanted to be left alone again. If this kept up for much longer, he would never have his world to himself again and so with the mindset of getting his home back he formed a plan. Though it was a bad one, in his mind it would be a good one if it worked. His plan was to form an alliance with those who had come to his planet. In exchange for his support, and putting his name as a member of the Brother Will behind the alliance, they would leave his world once a new safe one was found.

He would help them find a new world and a way to keep this world out of the war. His new alliance grew quickly as his promise of a new world and a way out of the war spread. Soon many interested in the alliance flocked to the small world. They had hopes of joining this new alliance that gave them hope in a hopeless galaxy. Within a matter of months ships were packed into the system to the point where there was almost no room to fit anything else. This desire to find a new world and be free, soon gave the alliance its very unusual, but well suited name, The Planet Hackers Alliance.

Though what the alliance offered was great, Will knew the only way he could even hope to get them all to leave was going to be to end the war somehow. Even if he found a new safe place for them, they wouldn’t go without him unless the war was over. Which was going to prove to be especially difficult seeing that the war had been going on for so long that some of the companies fighting in the war had no idea what they were fighting for anymore. These companies no longer even did mining, they had seen more profit in war and stealing than in mining, and so they had given mining up for the business of war. Becoming war mongers; but not just that it was the profit that had them hocked, they would never let the war end when it was making them so rich. What made matters even worse was the companies had grown to hate each other so much that they couldn’t sit down at a peace conference.

Though the situation seemed like it would never work out Will knew he had to find a way to make something work. He took his ship and all the information he would need to form a plan to bring peace to the galaxy, and headed for the Galactic star; the super huge star at the center of the galaxy. It stretched more than fifty light years across, and it is the force that keeps the galaxy together, this was his favorite place to go and think. The sheer size of this star made him see things more in perspective and helped him figure out what he had to do in times of confusion.

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Aug 222014

Planet hackers

It is the year 19060; four thousand years have passed since the downfall of the great Galactic Union. As a result of this lack of a law enforcement system, war has broken out between the great races of the galaxy over the few planets that have been left un-mined due to the union’s mining laws that once kept them safe.

Without the union to enforce the laws, these planets were no longer safe; whoever had the most power would now be able to mine them without intervention of the law. One after the next planet mining companies went to war fighting each other over who would be able to mine these planets. It became a bloody war as companies did anything for these planets, the money and power that would go to the victor was just too much to pass up. So much so that it fueled a war like no other spreading across the galaxy like a plague. As it did new weapons were created each more powerful than the last, even the very planets were used as weapons, soon the war became known as the great Gwar.

For hundreds of years the war was fought with no winner, many planets were destroyed and many were left without a home. Our story brings us to Will 6975. A descendant of the original Will cursed to wander the universe for all time. He lives on a small planet on the very edge of the galaxy. The war had not reached him as of yet, because of how far out he lived. Though he did know about the war he simply chooses not to take part in it, as did his brothers. This war was caused by greed of the rich that the brothers warned would happen. So they stayed out of it only helping to relocate those who choose not to fight. However, for Will 6975 it was different he had fought his war and lost when he was betrayed by the Galactic Union, since then he decided to stay out of the dealings of the galaxy and stay to himself. Unfortunately, this wasn’t meant to be as the war spread out even the small-uninhabited planet he lived on was soon affected.

Many came to the small planet after their home worlds were destroyed by the war. Will soon grew tired of these outsiders flocking to his world, making it a crowded place. Soon after they started coming he couldn’t take it, he had been living on the planet alone before the war even started, and he like being alone. He wanted to be alone again to live in peace away from anyone else and he was willing to do whatever he had to in order to get rid of those who were invading his home. However, it seemed as though luck wasn’t on his side, despite all his efforts, he couldn’t get any of the new comers to leave. But how could he they had nowhere else to go, after all, the only places untouched by the war were worlds that a member of The Brothers Will called their home. No one was willing to go up against them in a fight or risk getting them involved in the war and so his small world like many others became home to many seeking to flee from the war.

Continues in Planet Hackers Part 2

Aug 132014

The galactic union is by far the largest union or alliance ever formed. It consisted of all the races of the Milky Way and a few others outside of it.

The alliance first started with earth as the head as it branched out to bring peace to the systems that were around it and their own. This idea of peace brought many to join, causing the alliance to grow fast. Its goal of reaching the twenty closes systems to earth and having them join within one earth year was more than met. Within that year the alliance grew to over fifty systems across the galaxy and kept growing at a steadily increasing rate. Over the next one hundred years, the alliance grew to include every system in the Milky Way and over a million that were not. It was then that it got its name of Galactic Union and by doing so became the voice of a galaxy.

Once the Galactic Union had been fully formed, they took it upon themselves to bring order to the galaxy. To do so they had a five-step plan that everything would fall under.

1. Spoken Universal binary became the official language of the galaxy, it was the first time and entire galaxy had one language spoke on all planets and systems uniting the galaxy even more. Making misunderstandings and wars between races even less common.

2. The instatement of a new time system the New Galactic Time starting a 20-month year that was an average of the length of years in the galaxy. This made it easy for time to be kept and having no more need for time to be changed from planet to planet, even though some still kept there on time system they also kept the galactic time and date. This brought great order to the galaxy and made up keeping of peace, general life, trade and many more things much easier across planets.

3. They form the United Mining union to mine the planets without causing any damage to the galaxy as a whole. In addition, this prevented the mining companies from mining planets with life on them.

4. Formed the Defenders the first galactic sized fighting force tasked to uphold the law and protect the life forms that lived in the Milky Way. This army had members from every race and planet in the Milky Way and many of the ones outside of it. It had out post on each planet where the citizens could go for help and to reach the head quarts of the alliance. It was also a place where they could get in contact with The Brothers Will.

5. Maybe one of the main reasons the alliance lasted and spread so far, was done before the alliance was even named. This was to form an understanding with The Brothers Will. This allowed the alliance to be able to protect its members when it was small and before the defenders were form. Though it made many planets afraid at first, they soon saw that with The Brothers Will Standing behind them the alliance would always be just or suffer the wrath of the brothers.

Aug 122014

The Brothers Will Alliance


An alliance of cursed beings, consisting mostly of cursed humans. Their purpose is to protect life in all its forms throughout the galaxy. Lead by the mighty Will Ten Thousand and his adopted brother Will 24.

The alliance is spread out throughout the galaxy only having one to three members of the alliance on a planet at any given time. Though they are only 10,000 members of the alliance, they are always just where they are needed. This is accomplished by the use of advanced monitoring systems that were setup by Will 24; this monitoring system allows 24 to know of any planet that needs their help for any reason, and be able to connect him to the closest member of the brothers will to that planet. With this system in place the brothers will are able to respond to any threat, within seconds no matter where it might be.

The alliance also serves as an intermediary between races and planets in times of conflicts to prevent war by resolving conflicts. Being the most powerful alliance in the known universe the treat of them getting involved in a war is more than enough to get any race to find a means of resolving their conflicts, and bring peace no matter what the conflict is about.

The last function of the alliance is to handle first contact, because of their non-treating appearance, they find it easy to do without causing fear or having a bad reaction. Three members of the alliance, always consisting of Will 24, Will Ten Thousand, and sometimes Will 700 handle first contact.


The members of the alliance all have a number engraved into their bodies by their nannies that shows their ranking; based on their strength. The ranking system is simple for the most part, the higher the number the more powerful the member, except for the top 50. Because there is no Will 1, the top 50 are ranked from 2-50 and 10,000 being the most power full of them all; number 2 being the most powerful of the top 50, and number 50 being the weakest of the top 50 fighters. After 50, the ranking starts from weakest being 51 to most power full and closet to being in the top 50 number 9999 so the actual weakest member of the alliance is number 51.

Though all members of the alliance go by the name Will and their number or just there number, they are not all named Will, in fact only two actually are. Once a full member of The Brothers Will, the member gives, up their name and accept the name Will with the number of their rank. This is done because the name Will stands for the strength of will and determination and protector of peace in the universe. In addition, the changing of their names shows the change of their life into a hero always protecting others at the cost of themselves.

The pledge of the Brothers Will:
We end the never-ending battle.

We stand to protect the weak.

We are the unstoppable force of light

In the darkness of the universe.

We are The Brothers Will.

Aug 062014
star core inside2


Technology type: Power Source

Energy type: Renewable

Energy source: Stars

Limitation: Can only be used by a Cursed Human

Benefits: limitless, renewable, small.

Inventor: Will 24

Deception: A hollow sphere the size of a marble one half-inch in diameter with an energy conductor and channeler in the center. The channeler is made up of and energy conducting core and four outer rings to regulate its power output. The parts contained in the sphere are known as the regulator, or the power limiter allowing the core to have different energy outputs based on the positions of the rings.

Star-cores are made in sets of four, these four star-cores are split into eight cores each one splitting into two perfectly identical cores down to the atom. A process that turns the cores into one object in two separate places. The result of this causes the core to become indestructible unless recombined, also because what happens to one happens the other at the same instant in time no matter the distance between them. When one core is placed in the heart of a star, the energy that is conducted through it also conducts through the other, allowing that energy to be taped into as it flows from the other core outside of the star. The last process of building a Star-Core before it is launched into a star is to swap the control rings to link them together. The three blue outer rings of each core are switched with the others that were made alongside it to allow the energy from the star to not just flow between the two parts of the original but all four cores. After the creation of the third set of cores, a link was formed linking every core to one another. They formed a network known as the star-core network, linking all the cores together.

The star core network consists of over fifty thousand cores forty thousand of which are spread throughout the galaxy within the cores of some of the largest, brightest, and hottest stars. The remaining ten thousand are within the chest of the Brothers Will, giving them access to the most powerful, and limitless power source to exit. The network is also increased in size every few years as a way to expand the strength and reach of the Brothers Will.

Limits: The cores can only be accessed by using Nannies as a failsafe to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. Though it is true that nannies are needed, unlike what most believe, the cores can be removed from the body of a cursed human without hurting them and it is done very often, in order to provide temporary power to a planet when no other option is available.

star core inside2star core outside2

Aug 052014

Cursed technology is any technology that goes against or breaks at least one of the base laws of the universe. These laws hold the fabric of reality together and breaking them can have very serious repercussions. Cursed technology uses these repercussions to perform unbelievable feats, defying what is known as reality in the process. They bend space and time to its knees and allow their users to do things that would normally cause the universe to rip itself apart atom by atom.

The name cursed technology comes from the first peace of cursed tech, after finding out that it extends life indefinitely against the users will, causing them to live forever watching everything around them crumble to dust while they remain the same. The name cursed technology was then given because this was thought to be the greatest curse that could be inflicted on any being, and so the classification of cursed technology began.

Though powerful all cursed tech has built-in limits and fail safes to prevent damage to the user, and the machine, but more importantly theses fail-safes are in place to prevent the device from causing dame to the universe. Weather that damage is to time, planets, even empty space the fail-safes ensure the device is shut down before it can cause damage to the underlying physics that hold the universe itself together.

Another important part of cursed technology is that it uses elements that are found in places of the universe that have extreme laws of physics. Such as the heart of stars and black holes. These elements are then combined with others into a machine to create technology that will able to break a law of physics.

Cursed technology ranges from the sub atomic machines better known as Nannies to the huge star sized Inter planter jump gates orbiting the Galactic console.


Aug 052014
will of the heart

What is love?

Is it just the lusting for someone?

Is it a deeper feeling of care?

Is it a need to be with someone?

Is it a blissful feeling?

Is it our soul?

Is it god?

Love is all of these things and it is none of these.

It cannot be described with mere words.

But yet it only one word is needed.


Jul 282014

Opening the door to her office she sees only her desk light is on, under it sits a letter. She walks to her desk and picks up the letter, as she goes to open it her hand freezes. There is no return address, no sender name and the date stamp is too worn out to read. The letter is old and it has an address on it she has never seen, but it has her full name even her middle initial.
She looks, wondering who could have put it there. Was it a prank, but why would someone do that and who would, no it must be serious, but how did it get to her all the way in her office. She keeps thinking about all the people in her life that know her full name. It’s a very short list of which she couldn’t see any of them sending her a Letter Like this, confusion fills her mind as she ponders whether or not to open the letter. Finally, she makes up her mind holds the letter in hand and slides the letter opener through the top tearing it open.
Her Mind races, as she turns the envelope over and a single sheet of paper falls from it, she picks it up and looks at the blank back then turns it over to see a picture. It’s a small girl no more than three years old, sitting on the ground drawing with charka. She looks at the picture in confusion trying her best to figure out who the person in the picture is, then she notices what the girl is drawing it’s her name. It hits her suddenly. The girl in the picture is her, but who would send her a picture of herself.
Dismissing it instantly she goes to toss the picture in the trash and sees that a second piece of paper is stuck to the back of it. She peels it off and reads. “Remember when you were younger, how you enjoyed the little things, happy birthday Love dad.” Her eyes began to water as she walked back to the door, She hadn’t thought about or even did anything but work since her dad had to leave four years ago, she had even forgotten today was her birthday.
Walking out of her office, she decided to take three weeks off, she spoke out loud to herself. “I will enjoy the little things again dad thanks for the birthday gift.”

Jul 282014

As I walk into the room my attention is drawn instantly to the bed. The flowing white sheets with the ever so slight indentation of a small body and a larger one right next to it. My mind begins to wonder as I walk into the room, and the sweet aroma of perfume and flowers slowly fills my airways.

I had been gone that night for the second time this week, I had been so busy at work that I never even left the workshop till an hour ago. But she must understand right? I am doing all this for her after all, but still it must be lonely without anyone to talk to but she… My thoughts were interrupted by a voice. “Is that you sweet heat, I missed you last night.” I turn to answer and her tiny hands grab my leg. “Da da.” I look down and pick her up as my wife walks into the room. “It looks like she missed you to.” She says with a smile. “Did you get everything you needed done, I hope you aren’t over working yourself because of us, you know we are happy the way we are now.”

With a big smile my little girl looks up at me, even though she can’t speak I understand that she wants her dad to be home more. “Don’t worry the projects almost done just a few more days and it will be complete.” I say to her with a smile, even though I wasn’t sure but I had to do my best for her sake.

This would be my last project for my brother 24, before I would be able to leave the brothers Will for my vacation. A vacation that would last a lifetime that I could spend with the ones I loved so much. My adopted daughter was now a year and a half, and she needed her dad just as much as my wife need me.