Dec 152014

John looked at Will and spoke, we don’t know who it was, but they were stronger than anything we have ever come across. But it was mainly just one that showed real power. He entered and everything just stopped, the creatures attacked him, but they weren’t even able to get close and with a wave of his hand, they were destroyed. Then he just turned and disappeared. Will looked up at John suddenly. “How long ago was this?” He asked. “It was around 5000 of your years ago.” Will looked at John and spoke. “It was my brother Ten Thousand, he has told me a story about when they first started The Brothers Will alliance, he said he was forced to destroy some creatures because they couldn’t be reasoned with. They attacked the galactic console and because he was the one to stop them so easily, the people thought The Brothers Will be the ones who order the attack in the first place. Because of the attack, it took us fifty years to gain the trust of the console and finally become the police force that we are today.”

Will Smiled as he looked at John. “I’m going to do it, from what I know about what I have become I can change any part of the DNA of anything I become to make it into what I chose so the way I see it, I can make this creature even stronger and still maintain control of it.” Will jumped to his feet, then as he walked to the door, the voice in his head began to speak. “That’s right all I have to do is find the part of the DNA that controls its blood lust, and its mindless rage and remove it, and with the help of your nannies that should be very simple for me to do. But it might take some time for me to do it and in that time you may lose control of your mind and go into a rage.” Will stood in front of the door and turned to John. “Well, I guess I will have to change on the planet. With your help John we can find the best place for me to land so I can do the most damage without hurting any Morfeans at the same time, while I am out of control.” Said Will as he started to walk to John. “That’s a great plan I will get together with the captain and the navigator so we can find the right place for the attack.”

Will headed out the door with John right behind him. Will headed to the engine room John headed to the cockpit. Heading down the hall to the engine room Will spoke to the Morfean, he merged with. “You know I still have no clue what to call you.” “Well, I’m not too sure we never had names and now that I am merged with you it seems that my name would be yours. But if I really must have a name that is different to yours, I think it’s only fair that you get to be the one that gives that name to me, after all you are the one that owns this body.” The voice answered. Will thought about a name as he walked to the door to the engine room, as the door opened he spoke under his voice. “I know; your name will be Mark. So Mark, are you sure you can bring my mind back if the creature takes over?” “Well from what I know about the creature, its mind is all rage and anger, but from what I have seen on the way your body works now. The way we have combined means that even if the creature’s mind takes over completely it will not affect me seeing that my mind is more a part of the nannies in your body than part of your organic body. Though I will be able to alter the DNA to allow your mind to be unaffected it may take a few minutes after you transform before I can, meaning you will be out of control for that time.” Replied Mark.

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Dec 102014

Will and John headed to Will’s quarters to get their battle plan ready. “John I need to know what’s the most powerful creature I can be to fight off this army? Better yet, does your race know of any being that would be able to fight off an army?” John looked at Will as he seem to question if he should answer the question. “You know something you’re not telling me so what is it.” John looked at Will then spoke. “There is one creature that can beat any army, a genetically made creature of pure strength, fighting instinct, and rage. But if you try to become this creature you will lose yourself to it.”

Will sat on the bed; he heard the voice in his mind. “We aren’t hiding it from you, it’s just that we don’t know what will happen. Close your eyes and clear your mind and I will show you what happened to those who became this creature.” Will closed his eyes and as his mind cleared images of a large meeting hall came to mind, then of an office, then the entrance to a large building as the images filled his mind he began to understand and see what he needed to see. All these places were where the creature was first used.

As the thoughts flowed through his mind, he started to understand what the creature was. The creature was created by a team of researchers in an attempt to build the perfect weapon. The DNA of the creature was designed to take over that of the Morfeans against their will, it would then turn them into a living weapon. The creature had the traits of the most powerful of worriers and the healing abilities of the oldest races in the universe; its mind was filled with rage and an unsatisfiable lust for blood and destruction.

He saw as a group of Morfeans entered the large meeting hall and they were transformed into these things. They grew in size as their backs ripped out of their clothes, spikes grew out of them, their arms grew large as their fist became spiked and then their loud cries echoed out as the transformation finished and the rage took over. They went into a frenzy mindlessly destroying everything in their path. Nothing stood in their way as they attacked the largest meeting place. Will was pull to the office as one of these things ripped through the building killing everything in its path. Then the images flashed to one creature running towards an army, it pushed through the onslaught of weapons fire like it was nothing and began to lay waste to the army.

“Why did you do this?” Asked Will. “We had no choice at the time we didn’t know what the researchers had planned, it was a simple mission to get Intel, they said they wanted us to test a stealth suit for them in the process. We didn’t know why they would want us to even test something that was useless to us but we paid it no mind. We then found out that they just used us to test their experiment, once everyone was in place the suits injected us with the DNA of the creature, and once the DNA of the creature was in our body it took over. It separated them from the hive mind and made them into monsters.” Will’s face grew angry as he thought about the people who did this. “How were the creatures stopped?” Will said slowly with his head down.

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Dec 062014

John looked at Will and answered his question. “Well, I can show myself to the crew now and I will explain my reasons to them all at once, please call everyone together for me.” With that, Will pushed the intercom and asked if everyone could meet them in the meeting room in five minutes he will explain everything then. Once done, he looked over at John and asked if he was ready to do this. John just nodded as he looked out of the small viewing windowing in the door, waiting for everyone to gather in the meeting room.

Once everyone was together in the meeting room Will and John walked into the room and was greeted with shock. “Who is that and how did he get on the ship?” Asked the captain as John walked in and stood in the middle of the room. “My name is John and I am a Morfean, I stowed away on the ship in order to get help from one of the members of The Brothers Will…” As John explained what he was doing on the ship and about his races problem Will looked around at the crewmembers wondering how he would be helping when they arrive at the planet. The voice in Will’s head began to speak as John spoke to the crew. “Well then Will, we will have to make you much stronger if you are going to help us free our planet. You will need to become an unstoppable force if we are going to get through the forces that have arrived on our planet.”

“Forces? What forces?” Asked Will under his breath. “In the last moments that I was still connected to the hive mind of my race I saw an attacking force descending on our home world. They are also descending on all the outpost we have. Somehow they seem to have found everywhere we were hiding and they must be knocking out our defenses by now.” Will began to wonder then under his breath started to speak. “Your race has a memory of every creature that any one of your race has ever become right, so I’ll just become the most powerful one or better yet I will combine the most powerful of the races combine with the unstoppable force of one of The brothers Will there is no way they will be able to stop me.”

Everyone turned to Will, as he stood to his feet. “Listen up everyone we will be flying straight into a war zone so I’m not going to make anyone do this against their will. The ships will be dropping out of the jump before we enter the nebula that hides the Morfean home world. Anyone that isn’t willing to fight in the battle will be dropped off there.” The crew just looked at each other. Then the captain stood to his feet and with a loud yell, he spoke. “We will give them hell; let’s show them what we’re made of!” A reply of cheering was instant as the crew got fired up and went to their stations. “We may not be a battle crew, but we are the best transport crew there is and if anyone can get you to that planet we can.” Said the captain to Will as the crew left. “You showed us what you can do when you upgraded this ship, now it’s our turn to show you what we can do.” The captain said with a smile as he walked out of the room and joined his crew at their stations.

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Dec 012014

The captain’s voice came across the intercom. “Dropping out for cool down in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.” He hit one and the ship pulled as it dropped out of the Jump. The captain continued to explain what Will and Alin would be doing as he did the ship jerked. The ship was caught in the gravity of the star of the system they were in. It would slingshot them across the system in three hours. “Alright, while you reprogram the engine I will get to work on getting the engines main drive to class three and ready for the second core.” Said Alin as he walked behind the engine.

As Alin worked, on the engines Will reprogramed the engines and their controls to allow them to work at a higher level. Within an hour, he was done but that was only the first part he had to reprogram the ships control system as well. He headed out to the ship’s cockpit and went to work reprogram the whole thing; he even redid the design of the controls so they were more to the liking of the navigator.

The three hours of cool down went by very quickly as the ship’s crew worked as fast as they could to get everything ready for the new upgrades. The last planet in the system slowly pasted by them as the navigator locked in a new course. “Listen up everyone we don’t’ know what the upgrades to the ship will do so everyone strap in it might be a bumpy ride.” Said the captain as he strapped himself in for the ride. “Brace yourself lunch in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…”

The ship jerked and everyone was pinned to their chairs as the artificial gravity for the ship compensated. The captain’s voice came back on the intercom. “It will be a few minutes before the second core kicks in and…” He was interrupted as the ship lunched forward once more. The gravity-core had kicked in. The captain looked over at Will who was unstrapping himself from the seat. “How long do you have till we reach the planet?” Asked Will as he got up out of the chair. “I don’t believe this, but the system is showing that we have 20 hours left.” Said the navigator, Will just looked at him with his normal smile as he walked back to his room. Once he closed the door, he began talking and as he did, the other Morfean showed itself.

“So what do I call you? I mean I don’t remember you having a name.” Asked Will, as he sat on the edge of the bed. The creature slowly changed it figure and soon had a human body with a face of its own, then it spoke. “Well, I have never had a name we do not use names for each other the same way you do, but I can think of one, call me John.” Will looked at John and asked another question. “Well, John when are you going to let the rest of the crew know that you are on board, after all you can’t keep hiding for the rest of the trip. Besides me, you are the only one that has any real idea of where we are going and why we are going there. I’m sure you will be able to answer the many questions that the crew has that I don’t yet know how to answer.”

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Oct 092014

As Will walked over to him and began to sit Alin spoke again. “We need to finish hooking the power distributor in and then turn it on, so while I hold the core still you need to hock both the main and secondary connections in at the same time for the main distributor valve, then you need to do it for the return flow. Remember the main and secondary need to be hooked in the same time for both or the system will be fried.” Will took all four wires, one in each hand and lined them all up carefully; he looked up at Alin and took a deep breath. Click, he connected them all at the same time. “Well, I think I did it right?” Will said with a smile. “Don’t get too happy that was the easy part.” Replied Alin as he closed the lid to complete the sphere. “Now we have to give it enough power to active it and then figure out how to get it into the engine before it gets a chance to rip the ship apart.”

Will stood up as his body return to normal. “It’s actually very simple. Once the ship drops out of the jump and the engines shut down for cooling, we can place the core in the engine next to the Jump-Drives core. Once the engines come back online to start the jump, the stray energy in the engine should be enough to bring the Gravity-core online. Once the engines enter, the next Jump the Energy from the Jump-core will be more than enough to bring the Gravity-core to working levels and once we are in the jump for a few minutes it should start working and boost the ships speed at least three times over… Wow I’m dizzy.” Said Will as he put his hand to his head. Alin looked up at him with amazement. “That should work, how did you come up with that. I wouldn’t have even thought to try that, I’ll tell the captain to inform the crew that the engines will be getting a serious upgrade.” Said Alin as he walked to the intercom on the wall.

“Sorry about that I should have asked before taking control of our body.” Said the voice in Will’s head. “It’s okay, but next time make sure I’m not standing when I get control back okay.” Said Will under his breath. He walked over to the engine’s main console and began entering the new system upgrades that it would need to control the gravity-core to allow it to boost the engine’s speed without ripping the ship or the engines apart. As he did, Alin walked over to him. “How is it that you know so much about these engines, I don’t even know that much so don’t tell me you got it from me.” Asked Alin as he watched Will reprogram the engines. “Well, I didn’t get it all from you. My brothers always showed me different things and told me many things about how everything works, but I never really understood them. However, since the merge I have started to understand some of them. I know the being I merged with has so much knowledge on the engines that came before these so when I gained your knowledge, it completed the picture and became so easy to understand after that.” Will replied.

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Oct 022014

Will turned to his side and closed his eyes as he spoke. “Well, he’s not the type to forget someone who helped him out. He said you gave him the idea of having an entire planet as a lab when you came to him asking how one would be built. He said if it weren’t for your people, he would have never thought to build his research system. Which I still can’t understand why he needs an entire star system to be his lab.” Will yawned as he finished speaking, then drifted off to sleep.

The beeping sound of an alarm woke Will as he turned over he could see a small blinking light. As he walked to it, he heard Alin’s voice. “Will we will be dropping out for the first cool down cycle in five minutes can you join me in the engine room to get started on the upgrades.” “Right I’m on my way now.” Will responded as he opened the door and walked out; he looked down at his hands as he walked thinking. “I think I will need to use Alin’s form, but I wonder if I can just use his extra hands.” As he thought, he heard a voice. “Yes, you can; you are different from us you can do things we can’t, you can combine the DNA of any living thing into your own to modify your own body.”

It was as if someone was talking to him, but how and who, before he could finish the thought the voice spoke again. “Remember, we merged though this isn’t normal I think the reason we didn’t become a new being with a new mind is because of your nannies. They rearranged our DNA before they could merge into one new one and made it so both of our minds remained intact. We still share a body, it means we are still who we were, well somewhat. It also means that I can help you get use to this new body just let me and I will make your body the way you need just think it and I’ll handle the rest.”

As Will walked down the hall, he thought about what he had heard echoing in his mind, then with a smile, he spoke. “I want my body to remain the same, but I want the extra arms.” As he reached for the door to the engine room his body, changed two arms grew out of his side, and then folded as he opened the door. Alin looked up from a sphere he held in his arms. “Glad you’re here, and you still have the extra arms, you will need them. Come over here I have already started to construct the gravity-core, we just need to finish it up and get it to turn on which will be the hard part.” Alin said, looking at Will while using one of his arms to wave for him to come over to him.

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Oct 012014

As he walked down the small hall, his body changed back to his own body, then he stopped as if he saw something, he then started looking around turning and looking behind himself. Then he walked into the small room that he was staying in for the trip, he closed the door and sat on the small bed. “You guys really are the greatest spies in the universe, I wouldn’t have been able to find you if I couldn’t hear your thoughts.” He said while sitting, as he finished speaking the door-changed colors, then the surface morphed into a copy of the captain. “So I guess this means that doing the merge worked. Which by the way I still don’t understand how that worked did the other one take control of my body to help you or something, all I remember is it jumped at me and then I woke up as someone else.”

The copy looked at Will then spoke. “Our race shares one body and mind, by merging with you the other one became a part of you and you a part of us. Once the merge was complete, the link we share allowed my body to adapt to the new DNA without overriding my own. More simply put, you sent me an update that fixed my body. However, the changes were much different from what I expected, your DNA has replaced the damage to our own, but it seems to have shortened the distance of our link, I can only feel your mind now.” Will looked at the copy, then spoke. “I see well does that mean that my DNA has to be given to every one of your people for it to work.” “No, it means that we have to be close for the link to work now, we will no longer have a single mind. I can already feel the difference, it’s strangely lonely, but I feel very happy I have thoughts of my own now and I can no longer read yours as if they were my own.” Will smiled as he laid back on the bed.

“Well, I have a few hours before I have to go help out in the engine room so I’m going to get some rest I feel as if I have trained for weeks without a break.” The copy turned to the door. “Well, normally it takes a week for a merged being to wake up, but you did it in an hour, whatever you are it’s quite something.” Will smiled as he answered. “I’m a Cursed Human, my race is born to stand in the gap for others, and our bodies can’t die. You know I remember my Brother telling me a story about your people, he said you left the universe and built the largest research lab only second to his own. So why did you?” The copy walked to the side of the bed and sat. “It’s amazing that your brother knows so much about us, we thought everyone forgot about us.”

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Sep 302014

“My name is Alin Mandrel what are you?” Replied the creature in confusion. “I am a Cursed Morfean a member of The Brothers Will.” As Will talked his body slowly changed to copy that of Alin’s, he grew new arms and even a tail. “I really need your help we have to upgrade the engines, I need to cut a one month trip down to less than a week is there any way we can do that.” Alin looked at Will who was now a perfect copy of him down to where the spots on his skin were. “Umm yeah, I think it can be done, but we will only be able to modify the engines during cool down mode. But right now I wouldn’t know where to start to get the engines to push us that fast.” Alin replied, walking around Will in disbelief. “Well, I think we should work on getting the engines to a higher class, the captain told me that a class five would have me there in a week.” Will replied.

Alin sat on the ground with his legs folded; he had tools in one of his hands and a book and pen in two, he started flipping through the book as he circled things on the pages. “Hmm, well I can get the engines to a class three without any new parts, but to get to class five we would have to stop and order the parts needed.” Said Alin while writing in his book.

“Well, what if we can add a Gravity-core to the engines, I know it’s not a Gravity-Drive but we can use the core to boost the Jump speed right?” Asked Will looking to Alin, who started flipping through his book even faster, then flipping to the back, and writing down something. “That’s brilliant; Gravity-Drives use the Gravity-core to move, but the rest of the engine just holds the ship together. Which means if we were to add the Gravity-core to our engines, it would increase the speed to at least a class six Jump Drive, and because Gravity-cores don’t need to be cooled, we can use it to stay in a Jump while the Jump Drives Core cools down.”

Will looked at Alin with a smile, then spoke. “I need to get a few things done; I’ll let you start figuring out the details. I will be back before we drop out of the jump for cool down mode to help you finish building the Gravity-core.” “Wait a minute, how did you come up with that and how do you even know if I can do any of this?” Alin asked Will. “Well, I know you were top of your class and you built a working Gravity-core as your final class project. I came up with the idea because I can not only copy how you look, but the things you know as well.” Answered Will as he walked to the engine room’s doorway. “Don’t worry though I don’t know everything about you it seems I only gain your knowledge when I copied you, your secrets are safely in your head.” Will said as he walked through the doorway.

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Sep 302014

Character Bio Sheet For: The Brothers Three

Physical Appearance: The Brothers Three consist of triples +Will 7895, Will 7896, and Will 7897, tall well-built males of the cursed human race. They have short hair and no facial hair with blue eyes that almost seem to swirl into the heart of time itself. They each have just their number tattooed on the upper right shoulder almost on their necks. They also each have a birthmark on the right check, a third of a circle that forms a full circle if the three marks are combined.

Personality: Very quiet and forced the brothers three don’t speak much not even to each other. Though they are very soft-spoken, they can be loud when they need to be. Like little children, they only show how loud or powerful they can be when they are angry. Though this is very rare, it does happen and when it does their childlike innocence shows when they offer their enemies a chance to leave without a fight, but like an angry child they are near impossible to calm down once they are angry.

Daily Life: The brothers three live on Planet Earth where they help protect the colony of refuges that now reside on the planet. They spend their free time helping out as much as possible, doing anything from helping fix things to helping build new buildings and homes for the colony. Interestingly enough, they are the only members of The Brothers Will alliance that ever stay on planet earth for longer than a day at a time.

Fighting Technique: Using their ability to change the way time functions around them, they form a circle back to back as they use their strengths to fight. One slowing time for everything around him by speeding up himself, allowing him to use his weapons at unbelievable speeds. While the other looks into the future to see anything that could pass his brothers barrage of fire and take it down before it even gets a chance to pass his brother. The last waits for the few attacks that gets by his two brothers and traps them in a temporal shift freezing it in time. Together they have a perfect impermeable fighting style all looking out for the other so no one gets a single scratch.

Summary: Consisting of Will 7895, Will 7896, Will 7897, the brothers three are very powerful time hackers. With the ability to stop, slow, and even see into time itself, they are not easily caught off guard by an enemy. Though each brother has a different power they cannot function without the other, sharing a mental link they can only uses their powers with the help of one another. Though very young for a member of the Brothers Will, they are very strong-willed, never ever turning their back no matter how dire the situation may seem.

Featured stories: Time Hackers


Sep 292014

It looked as though no one was going to get off after all this was their first and possibly only chance to not only see a member of The Brothers Will in action but also to help one out. “Captain, I have found a course that will cut our travel time down by a few days, but it will require us to use the gravitational pull of a few stars to sling shot us across the systems we stop in during the cool down mode. It will put a bit of stress on the hull, but it will allow us to keep moving as fast as possible at all times.” Said the navigator. “Perfect anything that will speed us up is worth trying. Enter the course corrections in so we can get going.” Replied the captain.

Once the navigator finished entering the new course, the captain came over the intercom once more. “Entering Jump Mode in five, four, three, two, one.” He pushed a the red lever in the center of the cockpit controls all the way forward and the ship jerked forward as it entered the Jump. “Six hours till cool down mode everyone, let’s see what we can do to speed this trip up as much as possible.” The captain said over the intercom, then got up and head to his quarters.

Will 700 headed to the engine room, and started to talk as he walked through the doorway. “Who is the head engineer here?” Everyone in the room turned to look at him. “I need to speak to whoever is in charge can someone please help me.” He asked again. “I’m in charge, what can I help you with?” Said a voice from behind the engines. “I need your help. We have to get the engines to go much faster. I need them to be upgraded to at least a class five. My brother taught me a few things that should help so if you would let me use your tools we should be able to upgrade the engines.”

A short figure about 3 feet tall walked out from behind the engines, it was a humanoid with bright blue eyes, green skin with orange dots, four arms and a long tail. “Well, now what do we have here? A little boy asking to play with grown up tools.” The creature said with a condescending tone of voice, as it looked Will over. Will simply looked at it with a smile as he reached his hand out to sake one of the creature’s hands. “My name is Will 700 what is yours?” Will spoke with a smile as he shook one of the creature’s hands. As he did, his body began to change, his skin changed to green as he shrunk down to the size of the creature, he let go of its hand and with a smile, his eyes turned blue.

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