World around us


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Poem written by Robert Wilson while sitting on the top of the space ports of third Earth looking down on the burning remains of the destroyed planet.


World around us

Open your eyes and see what is there.

Open your eyes and see the light.

Look out upon the world.

Look out and see all that is.

Listen to the world for it speaks.

Listen to the world and you will hear.

Hear the songs it sings.

Hear the tales it tells.

Tales of wonder destruction and creation.

Tales of the past present and future.

Future joys and pains.

Future of all mankind.

Mankind must learn.

Mankind must understand.

Understand what he is.

Understand what he has done.

Done to the earth and all things.

Done to himself that cannot be changed.

Changed for the better or worst.

Changed that will bring destruction.

Destruction to the world.

Destruction to ourselves.

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