Will 9875

Character Bio Sheet For: Will 9875

Physical Appearance: Will 9875 also known as Will of the darkness by his brothers, is an average sized Cursed Human with a muscular build, dark black hair, and brown and dark black eyes. He his two tattoos one on his right arm under his shoulder with the numbers “9875” and a smiling moon on the left arm.

Personality: He has a childlike, self-centered personality, but he is very caring and not easily angered. He loves to enjoy himself on his personal playground planet, and doesn’t take things as seriously as he should. However, seeing others hurt pushes him to his edge and he becomes a very different person, cold and menacing, and uncaring.

Daily Life: Born on Third Earth, but currently living on New Mars he spends his time doing side jobs to protect anyone he sees as worth it. He is also the tech tester for his brother Will 24, testing his inventions to work out the bugs before they can be used by anyone else. In his free time, he enjoys playing with his dog spot on his personal playground Planet.

Fighting Technique: Uses his weapon the Dome Of Darkness, in which he can extract all the energy from within it down to the very sound waves, nullify all his enemies major senses. Then using the energy he collected from the area against his enemy in many forms, deadliest of which is an attack called light needles. However, because his powers draw all the energy from around him, during the day the amount of power drawn is too much for his body to handle leveeing his powers useless, in day light hours.

Summary: A genital fun loving person with a dark side darker than night. He was given the name for his power of bring darkness when he blocked out the sun and started and ice age, almost completely destroying his own body in the process. Since then he has been unable to use his powers during the day light hours. Though he is peaceful and runs at the first chance he gets, he is unstoppable when angered, once destroying and entire star system before he could settle down. He is also the only Will whose powers can excide that of his brother Will Ten Thousand, but his body is incapable of handling that level of power, which is the reason he is not ranked in the top fifty of the Brothers Will.

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