Will 7.0 Is Born Part 9

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The android jumped back and raised its hands, I knew what it was going to do, the lasers in its arm charged and fired. The beam hit me and I stood up to it like it was nothing, all it was doing was giving me more power to attack with, but why? I wondered if it was useless to attack it if it had the same armor I had there would be nothing either of us could do to destroy each other. We were built to stand up to almost anything. “It’s time you die; our master has built something just for you. It will destroy you and this planet together.”

The lasers in its hands went back in as it put its hand together; the floated off the ground, then flew high into the air. It was different from me for sure; I couldn’t fly, as I watched it get higher I decided it was time for me to fight back. I didn’t want to be destroyed and I didn’t want the Earth to be destroyed to, but if my master had made something that was designed to destroy me then what was I going to do. I would worry about it later, for now I would worry about stopping it from attacking with whatever it had.

I switched into attack mode, the holograms that change the color of my skin and added hair to my head and other human features, disabled. I locked on to the other android and raised my hands and fired everything I had at it, I knew it was useless but I had to do something. But this didn’t seem to do anything at all it didn’t even try to avoid my shots at all and just floated in the same place charging a weapon I did not have and could only guess was the weapon that was designed to destroy me.

As the weapon charged, the atmosphere began to change; the sky began to darken, as the clouds seem to all flow towards it. At this rate I was going to loses this battle and be destroyed, I needed help but from who theses humans were weak, but the protectors of this planet weren’t and if I got their attention I know they would help me save the planet.

But how do I get their attention I didn’t even know what they looked like, but I couldn’t stop my attack to focus more on finding theses protectors. I would have to clean my mess myself, I changed my lasers for and extra strong attack, then jumped straight at it maybe If could attack one of the weak points in its head I would be able to stop it. I flew through the air and as I was right in front of it, I put my systems into overdrive. Then I swung right at its head then the instant, my fist made contact I fired my laser.

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