Will 7.0 Is Born Part 8

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I walked around the city trying to be as unnoticed as possible but for some reason everyone looked at me strangely. I had the same body as them I was no different, I was even dressed like them but they still knew I didn’t belong somehow. It must have been the feeling that the humans call intuition, I didn’t understand it myself but it had to be true otherwise I would go unnoticed. But I had a plan to keep what they called a low profile; I would just hide out someplace where no one was and wait.

So I did just that, but with nothing to do, my processes were all focused on going over all the information in the databases on love and humanity, what it meant to be human, to love, to care, to be happy, and so much more.

The time passed slowly as my mind swam through the information, I began to change; I didn’t want to destroy the planet anymore but at the same time it would make my master happy and she would love me. But it would make me inhuman to do something like that and kill so many. But I wasn’t human so it would be okay, right? The questions filled my mind as more and more of human history and life filled my mind.

CRASH, BOOM! I jumped up looking around for what had made the sound and there in front of me was me? Was there something wrong with my vision sensors… before I could even check, it hit me dead center. I went flying through the air. It was real it was another me or another android before I could recover it began to speak. “You have failed Will 7.0, you have been on this planet two weeks, and our master had to build me to see why you have been sitting in this same spot for that time.” Two weeks that was impossible, I was only sitting here for two hours; it might have felt longer than that but… I checked my internal backup systems, it had been two weeks.

But how did this happen I wasn’t damaged in anyway, I looked down at my chest and there it was, the data cube was still hocked into me downloading its data over and over again. It had stopped all non-essential systems from functioning and that meant my internal clock, only the backup was running to rest it after the cube was removed. I looked up to a fist hitting me, and sending me flying again.

The android was relentless in its attack, one hit after the next it wouldn’t stop or slow down, though the attack were useless because of my armor. But it seem to know something I didn’t. Attack after attack I took it all, with no retaliation after all I didn’t do what I was meant to do and this was my punishment.

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