Will 7.0 Is Born Part 7

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The armor was made like no other it uses four specially made elements, each made into microscopic strands. The first is an element that is designed to convert heat into electrical energy, the second absorbs, and convers vibrations to energy; the third absorbed waves and converted wave energy such as high density light waves to electrical energy. These three are then twisted around the fourth, an element design to conduct and store large amounts of electrical energy. The micro strand that was made form theses four was then knitted together to form strands as think as hair which was then knitted and layered to form a skin like armor that was then placed onto the robots body. Then my master added the finishing touch of allowing the energy that the armor generates to recharge the internal batteries and over charge the weapons systems to give the body added power.

The next few days was spent doing test after test as my master tweaked the robot’s body, till finally there was just one day left before he had to destroy the Earth. I was loaded into and interplanetary missile and shoot at the Earth, it would take two hours for the missiles to hit the planet; I would be crashing into one of the large oceans on the planet. My master had loaded all the information that any and every one had every collected on Earth onto a data cube that he gave to me before I left.

I inserted the data cube into my main core for download; every langue and custom of the planet was loaded into the core but, it would take some time for my system to process all the data. As my mind floated through the massive amount of information. The missile flew through the space between Mars and Earth at near light speed.

I learned so much, but it was so different from what I was use to; I wanted to live like theses humans. They had so much I never had but what I wanted most of all was this strange concept they called love. Something I had never felt, but my master had given me a core that would be able to feel emotion so I would blend in with the humans. But I now wanted them from my master, she was the one that I wanted to be happy most of all. Yes, my master was female, from what I learned about the human cultural the best way to describe her was to use feminine words. Something that we did not have on mars; all that was lost after the great wars that turned the planet red.

CRASH! I was on earth I had landed in the center of one of the oceans, the missile capsule opened and I was launched from it, my water transport would open once I landed in the water. I was then driven to what was known as England. It was the year 1890, and I knew I had to find a way to fit in until my scans found the planets weak point. It would take ten earth hours before it was located and I could fulfill my mission. I knew my master would love me then and I would be happy just like theses humans who are in love.

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