Will 7.0 Is Born Part 6

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My master looked at me and spoke again. “Can you walk over to me?” As he spoke he walked backwards, I watched as he walked then I access the database for the lab. I looked up everything on walking then every other type of movement. I moved my legs slowly then I moved my arms to push myself up from the stand I was leaned against, I was now standing for the first time. “Good your up now walk to me.” My master’s voice came to me as I took my first step, then another; I moved my hands slowly to make it seem more like the videos I had researched. I walked all the way to my master then walked around him, he seemed to be enjoying watching me walk though I did not know why but I kept doing it anyway. “That’s amazing you look as if you’re a normal person, now let’s see what you can do. I installed a small weapons system before I uploaded you, access it, and destroy the target.”

I accessed all my new systems to check out the new body I would be in for a while, then I broth the weapons systems online and targeted the two small red circles at the end of the room. I raised my hands as they glowed red then let out a blast that destroyed the two targets completely.

My master’s face lit up with joy, but it quickly disappeared and was replayed by a worried look as the next test started. The ground under me started moving backwards as I started to walk, slowly at first then the ground began to move faster and I sped up with it. My master looked on nervously almost as if he was waiting for me to fall. I turned my head to look at him as I started to run. He light up with joy, and started jumping and dancing with joy. “You did it! You did it!” He yelled ecstatically.

After this my master was in a much better mode as we ran many more test before I was shut down, so he could upgraded the armor. He had taken it off because it was throwing the balance a little off when the pervious system tried to walk. After seeing me run the way I did, he decided that I would be able to walk and run unaffected by the armor. Though he thought the armor was already the best he had ever made he wanted it to be perfect. After putting my program in the robot body, he didn’t want the core to be corrupted by anything so he had to make sure everything was perfect. Seeing that I couldn’t be replaced, it seemed as though I was a flock, whatever that meant.

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