Will 7.0 Is Born Part 5

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I bet I could control the robot after all it looked as if its circuits were the same as the one my main firm uses as I looked at my master I had to say something. “Master why don’t you let me try to control it, my scans show that it uses the same type of circuits as I do so my program should be able to run on it with easy should it not?” He sat unmoved thinking about what I had said, and then finally after an hour he spoke. “I think it will work, your main firm was built before the one I used for it; this time I had thought the faster circuits would have made it work like a charm. But I realized the problem was with the program I was using it was too large it couldn’t fully work; but your program is smaller than the one it uses, and it controls many more limbs and has hundreds of sensors that the android doesn’t have.”

His worried look vanished as he turn to the robot and began hocking wires all over it, as he did he told me about the design. “This system is much different from the one you are in now, your program will be uploaded to its main core at the center of it chest. But what makes this system different is the five backup cores one in each limb and one in the head, which will allows you to function much faster than in the lab’s mainframe. Also to ensure functionality in any environment and to prevent damage to the program it runs. The cores actually stores data as physical matter at its center. Now with a few mods to the robots main processor it will be ready for you to upload into it. Once you are uploaded we will go from there.”

As my master tweaked the robot I was to be uploaded into, I created a small program that would be able to do the most common things that I did. I knew my programed could not be copied so I would not be able to serve my master in the lab while I was in the robot body. It took me two hours to finish the program and my master was just about done getting the robot ready, so I put the new program to work once I saw that it was working correctly, I got ready to be uploaded.

As I released control of the lab and the program I created took over, I watched as my master flipped the finial switches and connected the last cables to the robot. It went dark as I waited to be uploaded, a few minutes passed then I felt a rush through my whole being as if I was being pulled to the center of my own being. Then there was lights as the visual sensors of the robot came online, it took a moment for my systems to fully install them but once they were everything cleared up and there in front of me was my master; Closer that he had ever been. “Can you move?” He spoke his voice was different than before, closer and louder, it must have been the new sensors. I broth up the interface to the new body I was in and ran a system check, everything was in perfect working order I should be able to move whenever I choses to but I didn’t know what to do.

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