Will 7.0 Is Born Part 4

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“Doctor Al this all looks and sounds great, but from what I have seen, this weapon of yours doesn’t look like it could do much of anything. It’s to slow what’s to stop our enemies from just launching a rocket to take it off their planet.” As the man spoke, the rest of the crowd began to mumble amounts themselves. “Well what’s to stop them from doing that is it will move.” Replayed my master. “Well good doctor could you kindly show us an example of this moving, we want to see it move as if it were fighting.” The man replayed as he sat waiting for the doctor to give an example.

My master turned back to the showcase with a worried look, he then ordered me to run the speed test. As I turned the belts in the floor on, the robot began to walk forward to the glass, my master order me to increase the speed. As I did the robot seem to increase with it but was having a lot of trouble keeping up. My master watched as his weapon failed to keep up, and the guess began to mock him. “Okay that’s enough.” Said the man from before. “It seems as though you robot has a little trouble walking, but that’s okay if you can prove to us it’s worth it.” My master looked at him; his worried look seemed to be going away. “Well what did you have in mind?” My master replayed.

“Well as we all know Earth isn’t too far from here, and it seems as though they have some strange being on the planet that protects it, so a good test would be to destroy the Earth. After all they don’t even have space flight yet and they still think they’re the only ones in this universe so why not ride us of them. You said your robot thing can blend in so it’s unnoticed while it finds and attacks the planets weak points, well we want to see it. You have one week if we return and the planet isn’t destroyed by then you will be.” He then looked at my master with a smile and walked out of the lab.

My master had a worried look on his face once again, but this time I was going to find a way to help him. So I ask what I could do to help, he stayed quite for some time as I waited for an answer I rescanned the robot he had built to see if I could figure out why it functions were so off. “If you’re trying to find the flaw in the design that causes it to be off balanced you’re not going to.” My master voice said softly. “It has no design flaws it was my first design I ever made like it… I have worked out every flaw except one.” My scans conformed what he had said, the design was perfect but what was the flaw he was talking about, my scans showed nothing. “The programing is flawed, I could never get it right no matter what I do its programing isn’t fast enough to control it. Even with the processing power to run nearly every robotic piece of equipment on this planet, the program still freezes up for some reason.”

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