Will 7.0 Is Born Part 3

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The guess arrived one by one just as I had finished my work. My master welcomed them all taking them to the show room; they all sat and waited for my master to start. My job was done so I thought I would watch the people and see what made them want my masters devices so badly, after all they could only bring destruction so what good were they. As I watch them I saw the strange person my master had broth with him earlier, he was standing perfectly still in the showcase, not even the slightest movements that a normal living being has, were made. As I wondered what this being was, I began analyzing the strange being, I checked its temperature, and movements, everything it gave off from its electrical signals to the light it reflected. However, all my sensors told me was that it was an object; it gave off no readings of life what so ever, even its temperature was the same as the room it was in. I was confused and stuck, how could it have walked into the room and be standing there without giving off anything at all I just could not figure it out.

“Computer start simulation one in the show room.” The voice of my master interrupted my thoughts and snapped me back as I started the simulation; I wondered how the being would survive the simulation. The simulation started, the Gatling guns dropped down from the ceiling and aimed straight at it. It just stood there, no movements not even the smallest reaction to the guns pointed at it. It just looked straight into the weapons not even blinking, the countdown displayed on the screen above the show room. Every eye turned to the show room waiting, the countdown hit zero and the guns opened fire.

It moved forward walking slowly straight into the oncoming fire, the bullets just bouncing off its body as it walked up to the guns. Then reaching out and grabbing them, it ripped them off the wall dropped them on the ground. But as it did the second part of the simulation started. The rocket launchers rose out of the ground behind it and fired. It quickly turned catching the rockets in its hands, then squeezed them. The resulting explosion filled the room with black smoke; one more loud explosion was head from the room. Then Silence as the smoke began to settle, there it stood with the pieces of the rocket launchers at its feet.

The crowd of guess looked on with faces that lite up with enjoyment. My master walked to the front and stood in front of the show room then spoke. “Well as you can see my new weapon has great potential to destroy, with the ability to lift anything more than a million times its own Wight and capable of withstanding a barrage of weapons attacks without being harmed in anyway, making it the perfect planet killer. Its built in systems allow it to scan any planet for its fault lines and attack them. With its appearance and no visible weapons it’s perfect for stealth missions of…” My master was interrupted by one of the guess before he could finish his explanation.

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