Will 7.0 Is Born Part 2

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There stood my creator, looking into the camera, finally I saw the one who had created me. As I looked at my creator a strange feeling came across me, I had to do something the feeling within me told me. I must serve him but I knew not how I could serve him, then he spook. “Display system Statius!” He spoke quickly, and as if something was controlling me I obeyed, instantly displaying the status of everything on the monitor in front of him.

I did not understand why I had been pulled to do what was asked of me or even how I had performed the task but for some reason I was at his disposal at all times. It did not matter where he was or what he asked of me I obeyed without hesitating. However, I was happy to service him and I did everything he asked of me day after day, making the lab run perfectly.

Years pasted as I worked, I watched as my master worked day after day. He builds many things, and all kinds of beings came to him to have devices built. And from what I understood, these devices were built for destruction, but I could not understand why they were needed. Who were the masters of theses beings, and what were they destroying for them.

I received my answer two years after I was created, when a strange man came to see my master. He spoke of something I did not understand, whatever it was it made my master very angry. My master locked himself away from me, none of the sensors he had given to me could tell me anything. I could do nothing but wait and so I did for two weeks. I spent the time trying my best to figure out what if anything I had done wrong to make my master angry but I could not think of anything.

He finally returned to me but he broth someone with him, but something was off about the person he broth with him, he seemed to move very slowly and did not speak at all, in fact he made no sounds. Whatever he was he looked like any other person I had seen before but his behavior was so strange as if he did not even understand how to walk. However, I did not concern myself with him for my master needed my help, he ordered me to clean the lab and get everything ready for guess. He was going to show off his new weapon and he wanted everything to be perfect.

As I went to work getting the lab ready, he took the strange person into the show case room and stood him at the back of the showcase facing out to the glass. I looked over to see if my master was going to give him a weapon of some kind but after he didn’t I decided to pay no attention to it and continued my work.

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