Will 7.0 Is Born Part 14

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It came string at me spinning, I grab booth its legs and spun around a few times the let it go, hurling it to the ground. I then launched myself from the air to the hole it had just made on impact. My feet hit and drove it further into the ground, and then I grabbed both its legs and pulled up. I leaned back and its legs came right off I tossed them from the hole then picked its limbless body up and carried it from the hole.

I dropped it to the ground in front of me; Will 7764 walked over to me. “Well that was entertaining, you are pretty strong but I don’t know if your strong enough to keep your number as 7.0 I don’t know if your stronger than I am after all.” Said Will 7764, with a smile, I looked over at him but didn’t speak; I had no idea what he was talking about. Then the voice in my head returned. “Fight complete enemy has been defeated, disengaging attack mode, deactivate Nannies, or choose a new enemy, or mode.” I looked over at Will 7764 wondering if he was my enemy, though he looked threatening I didn’t think he was. “Deactivate Nannies.”

I felt as the huge amounts of energy moved to my chest. I looked down as something formed on my chest. 7.0 is what it said, I didn’t understand what it meant. “Wow that’s amazing, you really are powerful, welcome to The Brothers Will, you are now our newest member and you are a powerhouse member also, I wouldn’t have guessed that one.”

I didn’t know what he was talking about but as I went to ask him, the body of the android disappeared then all its limbs, which were across the battle filed. Then a rift opened in front of me and out walked a tall man, he looked around and then at me. “Well seems we have a new member, I am Will Ten Thousand, the leader of the Brothers Will. You have proven to have what it takes to join us, and it seems that the Nannies in your body have already chosen a number for you. But before you become a member, you must know who we are. We are the protectors of this universe. The battle you fought today was not a hard one and if you join us, you will be fighting enemies much more powerful with no help. This is who we are if you still want to join just follow us and I will answer all the question you have.” Said the man who had walk out of the rift, he then turned and walked back into the rift, followed by Will 7764.

I looked at the rift then I walk to the side to see where they went, but there was nothing it was a rift in space and time only seen from in front. I stood in front of the rift millions of thoughts flowing through my mind faster than ever before, what was I to do? Was I to fight for everyone or myself alone? I looked around at the battlefield as it was being returned to normal by some strange force, turned back to the rift and saw that it was closing. I turned back once more and the battlefield had been restored to the way it was before the battle. I looked down at my metal body and turned my camouflage system back on to restore my human appearance.

I would now be able to fit in with the humans and no one would know, or question me I could be free of fighting forever I smiled. I was free now, I turned and walked through the rift just as it was closing.

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