Will 7.0 Is Born Part 13

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I looked up at the android it was charging its weapon again but I wasn’t going to defend this time. “Attack mode.” I spoke as I started to run closer to the android. “Attack mode has been selected, target has been found, target analyses complete, best choice of attack found, engaging close range attack systems, increasing speed and repose systems, rerouting power from long range weapons into short range weapons; attack mode is now engaged you may commence the attack.” The voice in my head said as I saw the words display in front of me, it was new, but I listen to the voice and I attacked.

My speed had been increase since the last attack, I was moving faster than it could track and I used every bit of my speed to my advantage to attack. One hit after the next connected with the android, I fired my lasers and rockets to keep it from getting its balance back in-between hits.

I dropped back to the ground, and then I heard the voice again. “Charging for final attack complete.” I looked up at the android that was trying to figure out which way was up and spoke to it. “You are going to lose if you continue to fight against me. Our master has been put to death for her crimes so you do not have to finish this fight just walk away and you will not be destroyed.” I watched and waited as it regained its bearings, then it answered my question. “Analyzing attack complete, I Will not give up I will destroy you.”

I closed my hands into a fist, looked up and locked on to the android as it started to fly to me for its attack, energy charged around my fist. Then I attacked, I launched from the ground, it fired at me, but I didn’t try to doge; I took the hit to my chest not slowing down a bit. Then I swung at it. BOOM! The two of us went flying back. I landed on my feet and launched myself forward for where it had landed.

I stopped right in front of it; it was on the ground, I looked down at it and lifted my hand. I was holding its main core. I squeezed it crushing it in my hand. It raised both its hands and its lasers armed. “You still have a chance to give up your backup cores won’t fail even with this much damage to your body.” I said to it but my words were met with it firing the laser, than knocked me back. I quickly responded landing on my feet and heading straight to it.

It flew from the ground quickly heading straight up firing down but I was going to end it now. “Begin finally attack move.” I spoke then I attacked, I jumped from the ground straight at it, this time my knee connected with its chest. As its upper body came flying forward from my attack I grab booth its arms and pulled myself back as I moved booth my feet to its chest. I pushed my feet out and pulled its arms, its body went flying as its arms were ripped right from it. I let its arms go and flew behind it.

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