Will 7.0 Is Born Part 12

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I stood to my feet with it under me I had never attacked like that before; it felt different, I couldn’t explain how but my thoughts were cut short as it fired from under me. Sending me flying through the air, it felt horrible. It had damaged me once again, my shoulder, was damaged but it wasn’t as bad as before it only cut my armor by a tenth of an inch. I hit the ground and jumped back to my feet, I looked over at my shoulder only to watch the damage be repaired, this is new I thought as I turned and ran straight to the android.

“A new weapon has been added to your inventory.” A voice said as I ran to the android, it sounded like it was coming from within me. “Would you like to active the new weapon?” It asked; I had no reason to say no so I said yes. My arms flew out in front of me and pulled together, and then a new weapon built itself on the top of both of my arms within seconds. “Weapon is ready for firing.” The voice said again, I fired it as I ran, the blast shot from the weapon and hit the android sending it flying back through the trees that were behind it. The weapon closed back into my arms and I jumped into the air. Falling back down right on top of it and hitting it with my full power.

This time the tables were turned, the force from the impact dented the spot I hit. I jumped back off of it. Landing back where I had started I was going to win this time. The android stood to its feet and paused, it must have been processing the new information on my body. It was too late I was going to stop it before it had a chance to form a new plan of attack. “Wait; don’t be in such a hurry it’s not going anywhere.” I turned to Will 7764, who had a smile of pure enjoyment on his face. “Don’t end the fight to fast I’m enjoying this, besides you still haven’t even active your full powers as of yet. I assume there is a voice in your head. It’s the Nannies; they create a computer system that allows us to use them how we want. It is only there the first time you use your powers, after that it goes away once you have an understanding of your powers, or it stays if you want it to I’m not sure I never had one but most of us did or do.” Will 7764 spoke with a smile.

“Ok well what do I do then I heard the voice, what else is there?” I asked, he looked at me and stood to his feet from the ground. “Just Active your Nannies and tell it what level you want them to be active at and you will see just what you can really do then.” I turned back to face the android which was now floating up into the skies, it must have figure out a new plan. “Active Nannies ten percent.” I felt a surge of power go through my body instantly, and then the voice was back. Nannies have been activated at ten percent power, please select the mode in you wish to engage to continue; attack mode, defense mode, explore mode, or computing mode.”

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