Will 7.0 Is Born Part 11

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I looked on wondering if he was going to fix me as he looked though a bag that he had took off of his back. He pulled a box from it and run his hand down my chest until he found my main core’s enclosure. “Wait, what are you going to do?” I asked, he looked at me with no answer and opened the casing to expose my core. Then he opened the box he had taken from the bag, in it was a small vile and a glowing sphere. He leaned over be as the robot got up and aimed at us. Then in a quick sudden movement, his left hand pulled his weapon shot the robot and returned it to its holster. The shot hit its leg knocking it back into the crater it had just climbed out of. It was amazing he didn’t even look away from me at all.

“I’m not sure if this will work but, it’s worth a try I think. And if it does well you will have a chance to prove that you don’t want to destroy the planet.” He said as he dropped the sphere in the case with my core then poured the liquid in the vile out into my core and the sphere covering both. He closed the casing back and placed his hand on it. “It’s kind of funny your name is already Will but we will see if you keep that number, Active new member Will 7.0, robotic life form, humanoid, heavy damage repairs needed, authorization Will 7764.”

What he said was very confusing who was he talking to and why? I got my answer ten seconds later as I felt my circuits begin to change. My limbs began to reattach themselves slowly. My power leaves began to rise higher than they had ever been. I didn’t understand what he did to me but I was being fixed and it was making me better than I was before. “What did you do to me? How am I being repaired so quickly?” I asked as I sat up. “That’s the power of our Nannies it can fix anything, and I gave you a new power core that is much more powerful than your normal one. If I am not wrong your body is being rebuilt and upgraded from the inside out to allow the new systems to function better.” He replayed then turned and walked away waving bye to me.

I turned back and the android I was fighting was heading straight for him. It flew over me and I reacted, I wasn’t going to let it attack the person that just saved me. My systems responded faster than ever before, I jumped from the ground and grab its leg before it was out of reach, I swung it around as I spun. Tossing it in the other direction, and then jumping towards it, I punched it straight into the ground, I was on it in a matter of a fraction of a second then I slammed my fist into it as I released a laser with the blow.

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