Will 7.0 Is Born Part 10

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It went flying back through the air and crashed into the ground, if that didn’t do it I don’t think anything would be able to destroy it and I was going to be destroyed. I fell back to the ground and decided to go for another hit just in case. I lunged forward my lasers charging as I readied myself for the attack. Into the cloud of smoke from the impact and inches from its face, I swung with full power. It moved its arm right into the center of my body and fired something. I went flying back before I could make contact.

I hit the ground and felt something I had never felt before, I think it is pain. I looked down at where the weapon had hit me; my circuits were exposed, my armor had been ripped away and there was a whole in me. What was I going to do now, I would surely be destroyed if this continued; maybe I could run. I jumped to my feet and turn to run, but the smoke had cleared and it fired again this time at my right leg. The blast hit me and I fell as my leg was taken from me.

This was not good it was hopeless at this point as the android fired shot after shot, removing my limbs one by one. It walked up to me took aim at my main core at the heart of my limb less body.

Boom! A rocket came out of nowhere and it hit dead center of the android sending it flying back. But that wouldn’t do anything but move it. Then I realized that wasn’t me. A figure walked up and stood over me. “Well aren’t you in bad shape, you know I was originally to fight you but after you sat there for a week I went for a few drinks and now you’re fighting yourself so to speak.” The figure said as he lowered the rocket launcher and bent down to take a closer look at me. I was about to speak to warn him about the android’s armor, when he pulled a gun from his side and fired faster than even my sensors could track.

“I’m Will 7764; I have a question for you before I help you. Are you still planning to destroy the planet?” He said. “I’m Will 7.0, and I don’t want to destroy the planet I was programed to build not destroy I only wanted to make my master happy but, she is trying to destroy me now.” I replayed. “Good that means I can help you, your creator is well… dead, she was killed by her own people as punishment for designing the weapons she did. Her labs were destroyed and you and that thing are all that’s left of her work. Though it doesn’t seem like anything can destroy that thing, we still have to before it destroys the planet.” He said as he brought my pieces and placed them around me.

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