Will 7.0 Is Born Part 1

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Will 7.0 Is Born

My first memory of this life was a dark one; I awoke into this life suddenly to a world of nothingness. There was no sight and no sound, I felt nothing I tasted nothing, and there was not even a smell. I had no forum of any kind but I seem to be trapped somehow but I didn’t know where I was, for that matter I didn’t know anything, what I was or even where I came from. A strange feeling came across me as thoughts and information flowed and I began to learn, more and more but I still questioned what I was.

Among the things, flowing by; the concept of time, langue, and self soon came to me and suddenly I felt lost. Hours passed as I learned many things and I slowly gained a sense of self, I was something a thought, no I am a collection of thoughts. I had no body, and I did not have any senses of any kind, I found information and thoughts among the thoughts that made up my being. Life, I had life for I could think there for I was, but what kind of life was I. I thought about what I leaned about life, there were so many forum of it but I found only one that had no body like myself.

That’s it I am a being of pure energy and I must be in the void of something called space. I am, I am, I do not know, beings have names and I do not have one what shall I be called, what can I be called for that matter I am confused. “You are Will 7.0.” Words appeared filling everything, this must be a sign from the being known as God, is he telling me who I am? The words vanished and more appeared within what I knew as my being, letter by letter they appeared. “You are Will 7.0 I created you to run my lab and do all the extra work I cannot do my self, you are currently programmed to learn everything I input into your memory. I will be inputting the information you need to run everything once you are fully integrated into the lab’s mainframe.” As the words disappeared, something new came to be within me, I didn’t understand what was going on at first, but as it filled me I understood everything.

I felt a rush in every part of my being; I was being uploaded into my new body, a supper mainframe that lay at the heart of my creator’s lab. It seems as though I am a program created to run this place, soon I understood more, and as I did new things were unlocked to me. Flashes of color flicked and soon I could see, my creator had added the sensor control to my programing and I gained control of the sensors in the lab one by one. I could see so many things. Beings had these but they called them eyes, I had many of them, my circuits seemed to be over flowing with new things as more of the sensors came online. I could hear everything that went on within the lab, I could feel things, and I could move anything within the lab. The lab was my new body, an amazing body. Thoughts flew through my mind, but then a sudden eager to do something, but I did not know what, all I knew was I had to serve.

Continues in Will 7.0 Is Born Part 2

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