Will 24

Character Bio Sheet For: Will 24

Physical Appearance: Will 24 also known as Tech by his brothers is a short thin, non-muscular, male of the Cursed Zin race. He is over 3.4 Eons old (1 eon – Billion years). Has brown and Orange eyes, and white hair. He has two tattoos one of the number “24” on his chest over his heart, and the other a Helium atom on the other side of his chest.

Personality: Very calm and quiet person, logical to the extreme with everything. He has an unbelievable IQ, from the Eons spent researching everything in the universe. Despite his IQ, he still fears many things he knows to be impossible, such as traveling with his brother Ten Thousand, for the fear of ending up in two different places at once.

Daily Life: Will 24 lives on the planet Techatron 24, a planet sized super computer that is connected directly to his brain. There he spends his time working on new inventions for the other member is of The Brothers Will. When he’s not doing that he helps his adopted brother Ten Thousand run the Brothers Will. But having a brain that is physically larger than a planet allows him to do many things at once. Such as cataloging everything from, Artifacts from different worlds, animals, races, and planets to star systems. All to be used to ensure that the other members of the alliance has every bit of information they may need for any of their missions.

Fighting Technique: Being one of the most technically inclined beings in the universe, he has no real fighting skills. Instead, he uses his races natural telepathic powers to predict enemy movement in order to dodge and counter attacks. For those enemies to fast to dodge or counter he traps in a temporary mental prison, leaving their bodies frozen as their minds try to escape his trap.

Summary: One of the founders of the Brothers Will, Tech is the brains behind the alliance. Having a constant mental link to every member of the Brothers Will along with, creating and maintain all of their technology.

He provides a safety net for his brothers knowing everything they know at all times, meaning he is able send help before they can even think to ask for it. What’s even more impressive about this is it is all done with his races natural telepathic abilities, without the use of his Nannies.

He is also the last of the ancient race of the Zin and one of the few non Cursed Human to be a member of the Brothers Will.


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