United Mining Union

United Mining Union

A union of mining companies formed to prevent the over mining of the galaxy by the Galactic Union. The union was form on year 15 NGT (New galactic time), which was 15 years after the Galactic Union, became official. By uniting all mining under one control and under the same standards, mining of planets became more profitable and safer. With the union formed miners now had the ability to mine a planet dry leaving only a shell of a planet. After which the planets were then moved to the Planetary grave-yard. This way planets that had already been mined dry were not surveyed afterwards by someone else.

The union grew quickly and spread wide due in part by the Galactic Union’s support, within a few years, the union was the only miners in the galaxy mining the countless worlds that couldn’t support life.

They caused the advancement of many ships and other technology the most well known and maybe the biggest advancement ever made in spacecraft technology was the Planet Movers. Ships that are strong enough to move planets across the galaxy. Used to move worlds to the Planetary grave-yard after being mined dry.

The mining union set the galaxy on a new road to advancement just as the industrial revelation did for the Earth. Finding new, stronger, and better materials to farther advance technology. And in doing so united the races of the galaxy even more working together to better themselves in the same manner the union united to control the mining of the galaxy.

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