Time Hackers Part 8


The three voices returned echoing louder than ever. “WE SEE YOUR END!” The commander’s head turned quickly to the crater, it was empty. In a panic, he began to look everywhere for the bodies, a look of fear began to come across his face. Then the voices returned. “You challenge us, you thought you won, but you did not listen to our warning. For that you will be trapped in a place where time only exists in your mind.” As he turned to run, there in front of him stood The Brothers Three, their bodies still filled with holes, blood still dripping from their bodies. He turned, attempting to run, but it was hopeless his feet were stuck in place. His screams filled the air as his body was consumed by what looked like a bubble of water.

“Be warned if anyone tries to temper with his prison you will be destroyed. What we have done cannot be undone till he has served his time as we see fit.” The three bodies released a violate bolt of energy as their eyes stopped glowing and they fell to the ground. They spoke as they lay on the ground. “You must leave this place before…” Their voices stopped suddenly as the bodies release a huge surge of energy into the air.

A few minutes passed as the three bodies lay discharging energy, the colony members ran trying to figure out what to do. As they did, a figure appeared out of the distance, he spoke calmly with a smile “My sons, so young you haven’t even learned how to stand on your own as yet. I remember a time when I was just like you so many eons ago.” He laughed quietly as he walked closer, he knelt and looked at the three. “It seems as though you have used more power than you bodies were ready to handle. At this rate your Star-cores are going to discharge into the planet destroying you and this planet at the same time.” As he spoke the surges of energy discharge from the three bodies and into his, and as it did the eyes of the three opened. “We are sorry father we were only trying to protect the people.” Their voices were weak, almost unheard. “So it seems, but don’t be sorry my sons you did a very good job, but we can’t have you destroying what you worked so hard to protect now can we.” The three brothers looked up at their father and with a very weak voice they spoke. “Will you help us father?”

He just smiled and stood to his feet turning around, he spoke into the air as if someone was there. “Ten thousand, don’t you think your brothers have done enough, it’s time for you to help them don’t you think?” As he finish speaking a figure appeared and walk up to the three. “You guys are in really bad shape you should know not to push yourselves so hard when you are so young, I mean really your hardly even 15000 years old.” He extended his right hand over the three. “I’ll take care of them from here father, why don’t you clean up the damage they caused while I tend to them.” The strange figure smiled and vanished into nothingness with the three.

The other figure turned and raised his hands to the sky, as he did the ground shock as what look like metal bugs crawled out from under his feet, they moved out like a shadow across the ground. They passed over the broken and burning buildings; restoring everything to the state it was in before the battle. The holes were filled, the fires put out, the very plants were restored, all the machines that were broken were rebuilt, and everything that was frozen in time was removed and time in the colony restored to its normal flow. Once the metal swarms finished restoring the damage, questions filled the people’s minds, but before a word could be said, the metal bugs swarmed around his feet consuming his body and vanishing into the ground with him.

A few minutes later, a hole in the air itself began to open, it grew from just a dot to the size of a doorway, and everyone looked into it wondering what could be happening now. A figure appeared inside the rift then two more. They walked through the opening, it was The Brothers Three, they were healed perfectly not even a single scar was left on their bodies from the battle. Then the opening vanished as mysteriously as it appeared, the three looked up and smiled then looked back to the colonies they had just fought so hard to protect. “We will be here to protect you always.”

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