Time Hackers Part 7


The bounty hunter commander fired the two weapons together; the bright beams mixed become a bright red beam headed straight for the brothers. The shot flew straight through the missiles frozen in time, pulling them straight behind it as it passed by them. The brothers turn their attention to the shot putting all their power into stopping it, but it came at them with full force not even slowing, and worst yet it brought with it a barrage of missiles.

The Brothers Three took the full force of the impact joining hands to boost their powers and with everything they had, they deadlocked every missile, bomb, and laser, headed for the colony freezing them in time permanently. However, the barrage of missiles the beam brought with it hit the three full force pounding them into the ground.

As the smoke cleared, they lay in the huge crater, blood dripping from their broken bodies, surges of energy shooting from them.

The bounty hunters quickly landed and approached the crater, their commander leading the others looked down at the three bloody bodies. “Guess you’re not as strong as you think, and from what we’ve seen the other one couldn’t stop time, I think it will be easy to kill the rest of your brothers now that we know how.” He had a sick smile on his face as he spoke; aiming his gun at the head of the one in front of him, he pulled the trigger, then turning the gun to the other two he fired again. The three shots seem to echo louder than the fight that came before it. He turned his back and laughed as he walked away. “They’re finished, let’s get out of here before their power source explodes. Now we know how to find and fight them there will be plenty of other chances to get what we want.”

One of the bounty hunters ran over to the three bodies with a small vial, as he leaned over the bodies to collect some of the blood that was dripping off the three, they spoke as one. “We look into time itself, seeing all things that are, that were, and that will be, we see the beginning and the end of everything.” They paused chocking and gasping for air and the commander spoke. “Well, allow me to show you your end.” He turned and raised his weapon to fire again, the three voices were weaker now and spoke slow stopping every time their energy discharge “We… see… our… beginning… and… now… we… see…” The voices were ended as the commander opened fire and order his subordinates to do the same. The shots echoed out across the battlefield. When they stopped, the bodies were riddled with holes. “That should shut you fools up once and for all, that’s what you get for trying to be the hero. Don’t you know by now that the heroes always give their own life to save others…”

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