Time Hackers Part 6


As the attack ships opened fire the CXTR finally finished charging to fire, and the main ship flew down closer to get a clear shot. They took aim right at the three who were distracted by the attacking army. The bounty hunters hoped the brothers wouldn’t notice the main ship as it locked onto them. The CXTR locked on and the first shot was fired.

A bright blue beam shot from the weapon straight for The Brothers Three, the bounty hunters watched on as the beam just stopped inches from the brothers. They turned to the main ship. “You fools we are time hackers we control all time around us, did you really think that this feeble attempt would have worked on us? We see everything before it happens, we move through time faster than you and we can stop time for anything we choose, you can never win time itself is on our side.” The bounty hunters did not see this coming, but they weren’t ready to give up. They had one more weapon that was still getting ready to fire called the Trapper. They fired the CXTR repeatedly its shots stopping right before they could do any harm, but they were only buying time for the Trapper to finish building a large enough charge to fire.

The Trapper was ready to fire and as they took aim, the captain ordered that everything be fired even what they were holding back in an effort not to destroy the whole planet during the battle. They were holding back because they figured if they destroyed the planet in the battle it would make it a lot harder to recover the power source if it survived. However, they no longer care about the power source they just wanted the brothers dead. Every gun on every ship lit up as they opened fire, raining down laser fire, bullets, and missiles of all kinds, then their bay doors opened and they let go everything they carried from small bombs to nukes. The brothers looked up; they watched the skies darken as the sun was blocked out by the attack. They knew the attack would destroy the planet if they didn’t do something; they looked straight up then spoke “Activate Star-core

They pushed their power past its limits as the first moved faster and faster becoming a blur, then vanishing as he pushed himself through time faster and faster, then he opened fire, shooting at the missiles, they were frozen from his viewpoint, moving so fast even his shots stopped once they left his gun. The other moved his gun high as his eyes looked straight into the future, shooting off into the barrage of missiles, seeming to have no target, but having missiles veer off course straight into the path of his every shot. The third did not pick his gun up, but instead dropping his huge cannon he moved back; standing in the middle of his brothers, he raised his hands high. “Stop!” His words echoed through the battlefield and as they did every missile, rocket, and laser shot that approached the colony froze, even the missiles that had hit froze in the middle of exploding.

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