Time Hackers Part 5


“Activate Nannies 100 present began time hacking.” The voices stopped as suddenly as they started. The three men were now hovering in the middle of the attack ships, each carrying a weapon in hand. The first had two small arms rapid fire guns, one in each hand, the second hand a large long-range weapon with a square sniper scope. The last had a huge cannon weapon in hand that extended down and formed a platform that the three were standing on. Their mouths began to move as one, their loud echoing voices were broadcasted on every ship’s radio. “We are Will 7895, 7896, and 7897, The Brothers Three. If you fight us, you will not win. We will destroy you, your army, and make you pay for putting theses innocent lives in danger. Surrender and we will let you go free, fight us and face the consequences.”

The voices stop and they stayed perfectly silent as they waited for and answer, no one made a move as the three floated. The silence was broken as the voice of the bounty hunters commander came across the intercoms “Attack! Destroy them!” The voice was meet with action in an instant; the attack ships opened fire with everything they had. The sound of rockets exploding was all that could be heard for miles. Smoke filled the air black as night, it consumed the entire battle area. Everyone looked on in horror; there was no chance that anything could live through and onslaught like that.

As the smoke cleared, nothing was left, every one of the attack ships had been destroyed, and the ground was filled with the burning remains of the attacking army. The three stood on the round platform that was attached to the cannon like weapon one of the brothers carried. The platform floated slowly rotating untouched by the attack, not even a single speck of dust on their clothes, their hands were steady, eyes glowing brighter than the sun itself as they spoke. “That won’t work on us; you should have listened when you had the chance. We are the cursed ones, our race is that of the mighty Cursed Humans our father was born a human, but was cursed to forever walk the Earth forever to care for it, but we his children have been cursed with a curse of our own forever walking among men never dying always protecting them. We have done so for longer than man would think possible, we are only a few of The Brothers Will, and we will keep mankind on the right path even if it means ripping time itself apart to do so!”

The voices stopped as glowing tears ran from their eyes, they looked up straight to the bounty hunters speaking only three words. “You were warned.” The instant the words were spooked the hunters ordered the second wave of attack ships that were hiding behind the moon to attack, they flew in all guns blazing firing everything they had, missile after missile came flying down from the sky.

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