Time Hackers Part 4


They began their scan of the planet to locate The Brothers Three and, within a matter of minutes, they found them. Even better, the three beings were giving off the same electrical signature as that of the other being they had fought. The bounty hunters knew without a drought that these three were of the same race as the other one. What made it even better, their scanners picked up huge energy readings coming from each of them. This was just what they were looking for, even if they destroyed one of them completely, they would still have the power source from the other two. They were sure that killing one brother would cause the other two to give them what they wanted for fear of being killed themselves.

Everything was now in place, they just had to wait for the right moment to attack, with so many colony members around they decided to wait until early the next morning. That way they could have a clear shot at the three beings without the targeting system having to work around the readings from colonist. Though they could care less about the colony members, they wanted to make sure every shot was a direct hit on one of the three; wasting no shots what so ever. The sun began to rise on the side of the planet where The Brothers Three were. The bounty hunters attack plan was ready, with the sun to their backs, they attacked. This way it would make it harder for anyone to see them coming, and it would remove the suns interference from the targeting system of the CXTR.

The attack ships flew in hidden by the bright rays of the sun, and open fire with all the weapons they carried. A barrage of weapons fire came raining down on the colony. Loud explosions echoed for miles as smoke, fire, and debris filled the air. Burning rubble lay in the huge crater that was created by the attack. As the attack ships circled the crater, the bounty hunters moved from behind the moon, and began their approach. With their scanners at their highest resolution they scanned the attacked area to see if anything had lived; even though they were sure nothing was left they were hoping that at least one of the brothers bodies had survived the attach so they could take its power source.

There in the middle of all the flames stood The Brothers Three, without a single scratch on their bodies. They were standing at the ends of the large group of inhabitants that were in range of the attack, there was at least a two hundred of them all unharmed. The Brothers Three turned as the people they had saved ran for cover.

They looked up as if they knew just where the bounty hunter’s main ship was, their eyes were glowing bright as they looked straight into the scanner as if to say they were coming. They look at one another, then formed a circle with their backs to one another. The army of attack ships circled them for a second attack. They charged their weapons and took aim, as they were about to open fire; the voices of The Brothers Three echoed out, it was picked up by every sensor and Com-system, three voices speaking in sync as one.

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