Time Hackers Part 3


With that, they made a plan for the next time they would meet; they would use a machine called the CXTR Connector. Built to assist in the construction of space crafts, the CXTR would connect any power source to a spacecraft for testing or to overload it to test its limit. With this, they would be able to overload the power source that powered the Nannies before the fight could even start, hopefully killing him. However, they figured if by some chance that didn’t kill him, it would give them a chance to steal the power source from him. Not only would that leave him powerless to do anything but also, it would bring in quite a lot of money on the open market.

The bounty hunters now knew where three beings like the one that beat them lived; they could finally test their plan out. They immediately took this opportunity as a way to mount a surprise attack on these beings, arming themselves with everything they had and headed for the Earth. Their plan was simple, attack the three with everything they had all at once.

If they were anything like the one they meet before it would only wound them, but that didn’t matter, they only needed to distract them long enough to get a clear shot with the CXTR. But, if by some chance they weren’t like the one from before, then they would be dead before the CXTR even came online. Either way they would be getting the power source, or crossing one more place to look off their list, they couldn’t lose.

Though they had a simple plan, pulling it off would be a different story. On their one-year journey to planet Earth, they search for any and every weapon that they thought would give them, the upper hand long enough to get a clear shot with the CXTR. They found just what they were looking for at a rare arms dealer. The arms dealer had a rare weapon originally designed as a tool, then repurposed into a weapon called the Trapper. What it did was stop things, it created a temporal shift around a limited space that froze anything caught in the field, in other words, it trapped anything in a bubble frozen in time. Though its effects only lasted two minutes at most, it would give them the upper hand no matter what. They now knew their plan would work, even if one weapon didn’t work by itself all of them together would definitely destroy any creature no matter how powerful they are.

The year went by slowly as the bounty hunters gather together more and more weapons, as they grew closer to the small blue planet. The light from the small yellow sun hit the ship as it entered the solar system. The time was finally upon them. They approached the earth with a full armada of remote control attack ships. Hiding their main ship behind the dark side of the moon, they began to get ready for the attack; the remote ships circled around the system and got into their positions for the attack.

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