Time Hackers Part 2


The stories traveled through word of mouth, it was told just to pass the time or told to give hope to those that lacked a home. Being told differently by all those that told the stories, soon hundreds of stories about the little blue world emerged, and it didn’t take long before these stories reached out all the way to the ends of the galaxy. Soon they were fairy tales being told by refugees to their children as they traveled from planet to planet in search of a new home, to give them hope that one day they would find this new planet and make it their new home. The most common of these stories goes something like this.

“On a small planet that circles around a yellow star there is a place for all. Its owners left it in the dark in search of new worlds, but it was not abandoned by all they were a few that stayed. Then there were three that came. The Brothers Three, they came just as they were needed, helping to rebuild the broken rubble that was left behind. They had kind faces that never change as though standing still in time. They watch over the world never letting harm come to it forever watching never resting always protecting. So sleep my child for soon we will have a new home, and The Brothers Three will watch over us too.”

This bedtime story soon came across a group of bounty hunters that called themselves “Death to the law.” They didn’t take it as just some fairy tale though; they had come across being like those in the story before. A few years earlier they had run into a being that never aged, he seemed to be stuck in time, but he had powers that they could never have imagined in their wildest dreams. Even after having his body filled with bullets, he managed to not only move, but take them all out with ease. They watched as he walked away, bullets falling out of his body and his wounds closing right before their eyes. The most amazing thing was that threw it all he only lost a single drop of blood. Though they lost the battle, they gained a way to win the war, well in their minds at least.

That one drop of blood that was lost in the battle told them many things about this strange being. He was human or somewhat human his DNA was that of a human, but it was very old they estimated that he was over twenty thousand years old. The weird thing was that the cells in the blood were aging, but they just were not dying like normal cells. Apart from vaporizing the cells, nothing killed them; they just kept going as they slowly healed themselves.

Even though they found no real way of killing this being, they did find nannies that were restoring the cells to a normal age, and repairing any damage to them, which meant that there must be a power source that kept them running. A power source that could keep the nannies running for so long must have an unimaginable amount of power at its core. They then knew that if they could overload this power source somehow it would be strong enough to destroy this being, or at least the nannies. Which would make him a normal weak human that they could easily kill, well if the process didn’t kill him first.

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