Time Hackers Part 1


Time Hackers

It is currently the year 3559, the Earth has changed a great deal from what it once was. Much of it has become forest filled with creatures of all kinds. And even humanity has abounded it in search of new worlds to call their own. However, a few stayed behind choosing not to abandon the Earth, but to stay, rebuild and clean up the trash that was left behind when it was abounded. Among them, were three men who had no past on the planet, they had come during the time when most of humanity was leaving, and called the planet their new home.

They joined the small colony that choose to stay on the planet, and were accepted by them. The three seemed as much human as anyone else, and they looked as if they were brothers. In fact, they looked almost perfectly alike except for a birthmark on their faces, a curve like mark on their cheeks the almost seem to be part of a circle. The marks seemed to be the same for each of them, but it was in a different place on the cheek, all on the same side of their faces. Though they looked human, many of those who had worked alongside them questioned whether or not they were really human.

Though no one knew for sure, it was accepted that they were not human, but it didn’t matter. There were other aliens in the colony after all, even though most of them were just visiting, they were a one or two others that lived in the colony. The people of the colony viewed them just the same as anyone, having the one rule as long as they were willing to help, and not caused trouble with anyone, they were more than welcomed to stay as long as they wanted. For most in the colony, they welcomed the three brothers, not questioning why they didn’t speak of their race or past. Not only that, but the people seem to love having them around.

Watching the brother’s work was like watching something out of a book; they were always perfectly in tune with each other as if they shared the same mind. Oddly enough, that wasn’t what made them seem inhuman. It was their inhuman strength and stamina, working without a break, and not getting tired for the whole day. Not only that, but they moved faster than any anyone else did, even faster than some of the other races with four legs. However, the thing that stood out the most was their perfect bodies. They didn’t have any cuts, scratches, and they had no scars. Their bodies had no damage whatsoever and no signs that they had ever even had a single scratch in their lives; it was as if they were a newborn child untouched by the world.

Two years have passed since the three men first showed up; within that time, much has been accomplished. The planet is now on its way to becoming a haven for the outcast as more and more refugees come to call it home. Word has begun to spread about the planet that is giving a second chance to those who are homeless. Causing the planet once called Earth, to be renamed to Old Earth home to all. However, the reason word of the planet was spreading so fast and far wasn’t because it was a haven, but because of what was on the planet, or actually who was on the planet.

Continues in Time Hackers Part 2

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