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Balloon Ride Part 1

Balloon Ride I could feel the heat from the balloons as I walk closer towards my friends, I could smell the heat as it drifted from the balloons all around me. This would be my first time going up in a hot-air balloon, and I was a bit worried, well more scared than worried. I […]

The Brothers Three

Character Bio Sheet For: The Brothers Three Physical Appearance: The Brothers Three consist of triples +Will 7895, Will 7896, and Will 7897, tall well-built males of the cursed human race. They have short hair and no facial hair with blue eyes that almost seem to swirl into the heart of time itself. They each have just […]

Reality Drive

Reality Drive Technology Type: Engine Engine type: Subspace Drive Inventor: Will 24 Deception: With the reality matrix at its core, the drives work by folding space around the ship exceeding the speed of light by a factor of nearly 700, before it actually starts to move though the space it resides in. Then moving the […]

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