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Written Will 7764 as he sailed the seas with his wife, this poem his become one of the most infamous poems in history as it travels the sea reminding all that sails upon it what love is; and reminding all of what happened when it was taken away.  Ocean As the days and nights pass […]


Gwar Gwars, Galactic Wars, or war of the Gods, are just a few names of the greatest war in history. Started in the year 15090 AG, after the downfall of the Galactic Union. The Gwars as it is best known, was started with two revile Mining companies over who had the right to mine a […]

Dead Star Metal

Element: Dead Star Metal Element Type: Metal Element Rundown: This is one of the strongest metals in the universe, it is also one of the lightest for its strength. It is made by combining 125 metals together, in a process called star milling. This is where the metals are placed in a container that can […]

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