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Inter Planetary Jump Gate

Inter Planetary jump gate Technology type: Space travel Inventor: Dr. Robert Wilson Deception: By far the largest peace of cursed technology, or any kind of technology for that matter. Built to allow for travel between two points instantly. The gates use gravity wells combined with high-energy beams, and huge amounts of power to open a […]


Race: Sorn Type: Humanoid, Energy Lifespan: 30-400 years (depending on number of bodies) Limb: Varies depending on body but for the most part they have human like limbs . Race catalog Information: A very unusual race, best known for what’s called body jumping. A body-jumping race is any race that can live with in another, […]

Forest Planet

Forest Planet Function: When a planet starts to die from over population or pollution, the only way to save it and still allow the planet’s inhabitants to stay on it is to clean the toxins out of the atmosphere. With a process called and Atmosphere transplant, which allows the planet’s plants to be able to […]

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