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Reality Matrix

Reality Matrix Technology Type: Engine core Core Type: Sub-space Shifter Inventor: Will 24 Deception: The reality matrix is a very powerful piece of cursed technology; it lies at the heart of every reality drive, allowing it to work. The matrix uses massive amounts of energy to project a field around the ship and the space around […]


Nannies Technology type: Nanotechnology Inventor: Will 24 Deception: Nannies are the first and most powerful piece of cursed technology; they are Nanotech at its best. Nannies consist of two parts, the first of which is called a control cell, named for its size and function. A control cell is an organic cell of a living being that contains […]

star core inside2


Star-core Technology type: Power Source Energy type: Renewable Energy source: Stars Limitation: Can only be used by a Cursed Human Benefits: limitless, renewable, small. Inventor: Will 24 Deception: A hollow sphere the size of a marble one half-inch in diameter with an energy conductor and channeler in the center. The channeler is made up of and energy conducting core and four outer rings to […]

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