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Inter Planetary Jump Gate

Inter Planetary jump gate Technology type: Space travel Inventor: Dr. Robert Wilson Deception: By far the largest peace of cursed technology, or any kind of technology for that matter. Built to allow for travel between two points instantly. The gates use gravity wells combined with high-energy beams, and huge amounts of power to open a […]

Dead Star Metal

Element: Dead Star Metal Element Type: Metal Element Rundown: This is one of the strongest metals in the universe, it is also one of the lightest for its strength. It is made by combining 125 metals together, in a process called star milling. This is where the metals are placed in a container that can […]

Reality Drive

Reality Drive Technology Type: Engine Engine type: Subspace Drive Inventor: Will 24 Deception: With the reality matrix at its core, the drives work by folding space around the ship exceeding the speed of light by a factor of nearly 700, before it actually starts to move though the space it resides in. Then moving the […]

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