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Balloon Ride Part 3

I hurled myself once more, as I flew through the air this time I saw my friend far below me. I knew then I had to grab onto him if I was going to live. Hitting the next balloon feet first then launching again as quick as I could. I had already planned it as […]

Balloon Ride Part 2

I looked around the basket for something that could help me get out of this predicament, but there was nothing but the flame thrower that was stuck in the on passion. I looked over the sides of the balloon. “I have never failed at anything in my life, and I’m not starting now.” I grabbed […]

Balloon Ride Part 1

Balloon Ride I could feel the heat from the balloons as I walk closer towards my friends, I could smell the heat as it drifted from the balloons all around me. This would be my first time going up in a hot-air balloon, and I was a bit worried, well more scared than worried. I […]

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