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United Mining Union

United Mining Union A union of mining companies formed to prevent the over mining of the galaxy by the Galactic Union. The union was form on year 15 NGT (New galactic time), which was 15 years after the Galactic Union, became official. By uniting all mining under one control and under the same standards, mining […]

Galactic Union

The galactic union is by far the largest union or alliance ever formed. It consisted of all the races of the Milky Way and a few others outside of it. The alliance first started with earth as the head as it branched out to bring peace to the systems that were around it and their […]

The Brothers Will

The Brothers Will Alliance Purpose An alliance of cursed beings, consisting mostly of cursed humans. Their purpose is to protect life in all its forms throughout the galaxy. Lead by the mighty Will Ten Thousand and his adopted brother Will 24. The alliance is spread out throughout the galaxy only having one to three members […]

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