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United Mining Union

United Mining Union A union of mining companies formed to prevent the over mining of the galaxy by the Galactic Union. The union was form on year 15 NGT (New galactic time), which was 15 years after the Galactic Union, became official. By uniting all mining under one control and under the same standards, mining […]

Planet Diving

Planet diving the extreme sport of the 55th century Deception: Planet diving is the final version of sky diving, but with a twist there are no Para shoots. The person is fitted with a special Antigravity suite which will slow their fall at the last possible second allowing them to land safely. But still at […]

Will 9875

Character Bio Sheet For: Will 9875 Physical Appearance: Will 9875 also known as Will of the darkness by his brothers, is an average sized Cursed Human with a muscular build, dark black hair, and brown and dark black eyes. He his two tattoos one on his right arm under his shoulder with the numbers “9875” […]

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