The Brothers Will


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The Brothers Will Alliance


An alliance of cursed beings, consisting mostly of cursed humans. Their purpose is to protect life in all its forms throughout the galaxy. Lead by the mighty Will Ten Thousand and his adopted brother Will 24.

The alliance is spread out throughout the galaxy only having one to three members of the alliance on a planet at any given time. Though they are only 10,000 members of the alliance, they are always just where they are needed. This is accomplished by the use of advanced monitoring systems that were setup by Will 24; this monitoring system allows 24 to know of any planet that needs their help for any reason, and be able to connect him to the closest member of the brothers will to that planet. With this system in place the brothers will are able to respond to any threat, within seconds no matter where it might be.

The alliance also serves as an intermediary between races and planets in times of conflicts to prevent war by resolving conflicts. Being the most powerful alliance in the known universe the treat of them getting involved in a war is more than enough to get any race to find a means of resolving their conflicts, and bring peace no matter what the conflict is about.

The last function of the alliance is to handle first contact, because of their non-treating appearance, they find it easy to do without causing fear or having a bad reaction. Three members of the alliance, always consisting of Will 24, Will Ten Thousand, and sometimes Will 700 handle first contact.


The members of the alliance all have a number engraved into their bodies by their nannies that shows their ranking; based on their strength. The ranking system is simple for the most part, the higher the number the more powerful the member, except for the top 50. Because there is no Will 1, the top 50 are ranked from 2-50 and 10,000 being the most power full of them all; number 2 being the most powerful of the top 50, and number 50 being the weakest of the top 50 fighters. After 50, the ranking starts from weakest being 51 to most power full and closet to being in the top 50 number 9999 so the actual weakest member of the alliance is number 51.

Though all members of the alliance go by the name Will and their number or just there number, they are not all named Will, in fact only two actually are. Once a full member of The Brothers Will, the member gives, up their name and accept the name Will with the number of their rank. This is done because the name Will stands for the strength of will and determination and protector of peace in the universe. In addition, the changing of their names shows the change of their life into a hero always protecting others at the cost of themselves.

The pledge of the Brothers Will:
We end the never-ending battle.

We stand to protect the weak.

We are the unstoppable force of light

In the darkness of the universe.

We are The Brothers Will.

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