The Brothers Three

Character Bio Sheet For: The Brothers Three

Physical Appearance: The Brothers Three consist of triples +Will 7895, Will 7896, and Will 7897, tall well-built males of the cursed human race. They have short hair and no facial hair with blue eyes that almost seem to swirl into the heart of time itself. They each have just their number tattooed on the upper right shoulder almost on their necks. They also each have a birthmark on the right check, a third of a circle that forms a full circle if the three marks are combined.

Personality: Very quiet and forced the brothers three don’t speak much not even to each other. Though they are very soft-spoken, they can be loud when they need to be. Like little children, they only show how loud or powerful they can be when they are angry. Though this is very rare, it does happen and when it does their childlike innocence shows when they offer their enemies a chance to leave without a fight, but like an angry child they are near impossible to calm down once they are angry.

Daily Life: The brothers three live on Planet Earth where they help protect the colony of refuges that now reside on the planet. They spend their free time helping out as much as possible, doing anything from helping fix things to helping build new buildings and homes for the colony. Interestingly enough, they are the only members of The Brothers Will alliance that ever stay on planet earth for longer than a day at a time.

Fighting Technique: Using their ability to change the way time functions around them, they form a circle back to back as they use their strengths to fight. One slowing time for everything around him by speeding up himself, allowing him to use his weapons at unbelievable speeds. While the other looks into the future to see anything that could pass his brothers barrage of fire and take it down before it even gets a chance to pass his brother. The last waits for the few attacks that gets by his two brothers and traps them in a temporal shift freezing it in time. Together they have a perfect impermeable fighting style all looking out for the other so no one gets a single scratch.

Summary: Consisting of Will 7895, Will 7896, Will 7897, the brothers three are very powerful time hackers. With the ability to stop, slow, and even see into time itself, they are not easily caught off guard by an enemy. Though each brother has a different power they cannot function without the other, sharing a mental link they can only uses their powers with the help of one another. Though very young for a member of the Brothers Will, they are very strong-willed, never ever turning their back no matter how dire the situation may seem.

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