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Ten Thousand Walks

Ten Thousand Walks Part 10

Act II Chapter 3 The Awakening Daniel’s bloody body was pulled from the Lake by a few of the natives that lived on the lakes edge. He was alive, but barely breathing, and the blood could be seen pouring from all over his body. The natives quickly and carefully wrapped his body in bandages to […]

Ten Thousand Walks

Ten Thousand Walks Part 11

Where the plants they used to make the medicine placed on his body was grown. They placed his body in the water on the very edge of the shore, and then pulled the plants all over his body then wrapping his body tightly with them. They left him wrapped up like this for an hour […]

Ten Thousand Walks

Ten Thousand Walks Part 12

However, it wasn’t that he didn’t panic but it was more of the fact that he didn’t move while panicking. After coming to his senses Daniel actually started to panic, he immediately tried to jump up and ripped the vines of his body. However, this was to no avail his body just laid there not […]

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