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Ten Thousand Walks

Ten Thousand Walks Part 21

“Sorry about that I lost my breath for a second, as I was saying it’s extremely useful though its usage is limited to the individual’s strength. I have seen the most skilled users vanish and reappear hundreds of feet away in the blink of an eye. Who knows you may even be able to master […]

Ten Thousand Walks

Ten Thousand Walks Part 22

“I assume you know how to meditate so I won’t have to teach you how to. Sit facing the waterfall and meditate, you will do that until I think that you’re ready to move on.” He said with a slight hint of anger in his voice, I could tell at this point that he really […]

Ten Thousand Walks

Ten Thousand Walks Part 23

I understood why he was smiling at that point, it wasn’t because he was finally happy to train me, it was because the next part of training was almost impossible. He sat on the shore watching me and laughing as I struggled to even get to the bottom of the Lake. Hour after hour, I […]

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