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Ten Thousand Walks

Ten Thousand Walks Part 18

Act III Chapter 6 Training Begins The village leader returned the next morning; she brought with her a change of clothes for Daniel. “Good morning, are you up to getting out and walking around on your own today?” She said with a smile as she put the clothes down on the ground next to his […]

Ten Thousand Walks

Ten Thousand Walks Part 19

“Yes there it is, it’s right under you at the bottom of the lake that the city floats on.” Replied Sophie, Daniel’s eyes followed the waterfall down to the lake quickly. A waterfall that high would certainly dig a very deep hole, which meant the bottom of the Lake would be very far down. Too […]

Ten Thousand Walks

Ten Thousand Walks Part 20

It was a swing and a miss. This time I was determined to hit her, I pulled my right hand back and swung as hard as I could, with my left hand following right behind it in the opposite direction. This way even if my right hand missed she would walk directly into my left. […]

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