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Ten Thousand Walks

Ten Thousand Walks Part 99

Act X Chapter 27: 10,000   My tears flowed down my face slowly, burning like knives as they tracked down my cheek. Setting my heart ablaze with anger and pain, my rage built as the army inched in towards me. I just wanted them to all die for what they had done. My mind went […]

Ten Thousand Walks

Ten Thousand Walks Part 100

I dropped him and stepped back slowly, I looked at what I had just done. From the army that was laying all around me down to the person laying on the ground with my blades sticking out of his chest. I fell to my knees, and screamed out. “Oh can you stop being so loud, […]

Ten Thousand Walks

Ten Thousand Walks Part 101

With my anger raging over in my mind, I moved. I appeared under the city and then vanished; I flew up the main engines vent slashing my blades threw everything as I went up. Then, as I fell I aimed my blades straight down and cut right through the turbine. I hit the ground and […]

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