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Ten Thousand Walks

Ten Thousand Walks Part 40

Chapter 13: The Real Job Begins   It didn’t take me very long to find Adam; turns out, he was actually looking for me to. “There you are, I know you probably noticed by now that your carrier isn’t in the same places as it normally is. Well that’s for a very good reason, which […]

Ten Thousand Walks

Ten Thousand Walks Part 41

I understood in a way what he meant by reducing the drag to allow it to go faster, but I still didn’t get how I would stay in the air in this thing. “Okay, you know best anyway what’s your name.” I said to him watching the packages I was to deliver that day get […]

Ten Thousand Walks

Ten Thousand Walks Part 42

Well apparently, they weren’t waiting for me to switch on the switch; they were actually waiting for the okay from control for me to get going. But, I jumped the gun quite a bit. So much so actually that I had started my take off in the middle of someone else’s take off. The carrier […]

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