Ten Thousand Walks Part 99

Ten Thousand Walks

Act X

Chapter 27: 10,000


My tears flowed down my face slowly, burning like knives as they tracked down my cheek. Setting my heart ablaze with anger and pain, my rage built as the army inched in towards me. I just wanted them to all die for what they had done. My mind went blank as the tears reached my chin. Moments later the army readied for their attack. They stepped in close surrounding me in a circle. Twenty of them took aim, as my tears fell from my chin.

My tears fell all in one drop. It moved slowly as if time was slowing down to mourn her death with me. The instant my tears hit her body my blades were already through the men that were closing in on me. The image of me holding Annabella disappeared and it was replaced by phantom copies all with blades threw the ones surrounding me. They couldn’t believe it, they were just about to fire on me and now my blades were running through their bodies. Then, before they could do anything, the phantom faded and I lost my mind with anger.

Moving through the army laying waste to them as thousands of phantoms appeared and disappeared. Cutting the army down by the thousands every second. My phantoms grew in number as my rage grew; I began to lose myself in my anger. My heart pumped adrenaline through my veins, pushing me to move faster and put more strength into every move. I began to push the number of phantom copies I have ever made, surpassing my pervious limit the by the thousands.

My mind started to go blank as an overwhelming amount of rage flooded threw every aspect of my mind, overflowing from my mind into my very soul. I screamed out in anger, and sorrow, my very soul raging against all that was. I could no longer hold myself together and I lost all control of who I was, I became more animal than anything else, my rage rushed out of my heat and into my blood. It boiled hotter as my eyes blurred with tears. Then I attacked with every bit of strength I had, attacking everything I saw in my path.

Within minutes the army was gone, all that was left was a field filled with bloody bodies. I stood still filled with rage and anger, not knowing what next to do, I had no one left to kill, but I was still filled with anger. I fell to my knees and cried out in pain, weeping my very heart out. I was alone again and I didn’t want to be alone again the pain was too much for me. *Click!* I heard something behind me, then a footstep. My mind blanked out again, it was time to destroy again.

I moved appearing in front of a tall man, my knives were reflected away from him without me even noticing. I looked down his hands had moved perfectly to let him block me with almost no effort. I swung again bringing my blades around, heading straight for his head. There was no way he could dodge my attack, no one could.

I stumbled into him a bit my blades only cutting his hair. “Clam down Daniel my…” I stopped him I moved both my arms right to his stomach and heart. I moved with all my force and speed even though he tried to block it my knives went straight into him. Ripping through his body and out his back. I held him up in the air with his feet almost a foot off the ground, he struggled for a few moments then his body just went motionless.

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