Ten Thousand Walks Part 98

Ten Thousand Walks

We started to fight back to back vanishing and appearing all over as we fought laying waste to the army that grew more and more as they closed in on us. We had the advantage there was no way we could lose with our speed. Arrows began to fly through the air and my smile grew as I caught them out of the air, cutting some and then cutting through their weapons before they could reload to fire again. I appeared next to Annabella with a smile, she was breathing hard. “Relax for a minute I’ll take care of things babe.” I said to her then the sun disappeared behind a dark cloud. I looked up and it was arrows all above us.

They came falling down on us and I moved, I vanished and my phantom copies appeared all around and over her. Catching and deflecting every arrow that came to her. The copies vanished as the light from the sun hit them; I appeared next to her and help her back up. “Ready to finish this?” *WHOOSH. *

I vanished and appeared in the army and went crazy slashing at their weapons destroying and hurting them but not killing anyone. A few minutes later, I reappeared next to Annabella. “Are you going to help me finish dealing with them?” I said with my back to her watching them close in on us. “I’m so sorry baby.” The words were hiding pain on the edge of crying. I turn and she was sitting with her hand on her stomach. Blood running out from between her fingers.

*DOOOM!!* The sound of something crashing in the distance echoed as I realized she had been hit with an arrow. I rushed forward and held her. “You will be ok baby just relax I will get you to the healers they will fix you up just hold on.” I said with tears running down my face, holding her close. “I wish I had meet you earlier, but its ok, I love you and you made me so happy these past two years.” She said, the pain fading from her voice and it began to get weaker. “No baby save your strength you will be ok, don’t talk like you’re not going to be ok.” I said, my voice breaking with my tears. “I love you, my pervert, I love you so much never forget that.” Her words faded.

I felt no heart beat from her; I pulled her to me and held her tight. “NO baby don’t leave me, I love you too I need you!” I yelled out as my tears ran down my face, followed by screams. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” I dropped down to my knees with her in my hands leaned over her crying. The troops came closing in on all sides. They smiled as the huge army surrounded me.

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