Ten Thousand Walks Part 97

Ten Thousand Walks

I held her hand then pulled her in wrapping my hand around her body, then I moved taking her with me. I headed for a clearing that was a few miles away, maybe they wouldn’t be able to track me there.

I stopped stumbling in the valley just under the volcano where the city of the healers was. I looked around behind me to see if they were still coming, thinking I had lost them, but I was wrong they were right there flying right for us. “Man, these guys don’t give up at all but how did they even find us.” I said to her as I pulled my blades out and turned to face the oncoming waves of Carriers. “Just wait here for a bit I’m going to take them down to size.” I said to Annabella then vanished, I appeared in between the oncoming Carriers and just let loses.

Slash after slash, my hand sent my blades threw the Carriers one after the next. I was hitting one, then using it to jump off of, vanishing as I passed through others and stopping as I hit another. Then sending the blades down between my legs into the carrier I was on top of then off I went again to the next one. I flew from carrier to, like a tornado ripping them to pieces as I moved in-between them.

I reappeared next to Annabella and lead over to catch my breath, I hadn’t fought like that in two years, I had lost a bit of my edge and needed some time to catch my breath back before I got started again. I estimated they would be on top of us by the time I was finished catching my breath, then I will end this I thought to myself as I gasped for air to catch my breath.

I looked up as they flew overhead, raining down weapons fire from above. I smiled and vanished with her, we appeared in the air, and I swung her around then threw her through the air. She flew by the carriers slashing at them as she passed, leaving a trail of explosions in the air behind her. Like lines of fire through the air. I dropped back to the ground, then vanished pulling her out of the air and back to the ground. We looked up as the carrier’s dropped soldiers.

“Looks like they figured out that if they stayed up there, they were just sitting ducks for us to pick off.” I said with a smile, laughing as the troops began to land. I looked over at Annabella and with a smile then vanished. I appeared in front of the troops. “You can’t win; you already saw what I can do so why not just give up already.” I said to them with my blades in hand. They looked at me as if I was joking and with a smile, they vanished. This I saw coming and I vanished stopping them in their tracks as I sent them flying back. Then Annabella joined me.

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