Ten Thousand Walks Part 96

Ten Thousand Walks

It only took her about a minute to do then the part of the plan that made this all fit together was next. She would destroy the lab and some of the drug, once she started to destroy the lab it was time for the big performance. I let one of the arrows hit me in the shoulder bouncing off the coat as another one grazed my ear. I jumped back as explosions went off in the lab. I smiled.

“Let’s go Annabella we did what we came to do already, it’s time for us to get going.” I said with my hand to the ear that was hit by the arrow and doing my best to sound as if I was hurt badly. “We’re not going to let you get away from us that easy.” The leader said. I just looked at him with an angry look as Annabella appeared next to me. Then we both vanished.

We appeared at the top of the building where the vent was with a smile on our faces, we had done it as planned, and nothing went wrong. “Let’s get out of here baby, the rest of the plan will be done by them without us needing to lift a finger.” I said with a smile, laughing. I took her hand in mine and we vanished from the top of the city. Appearing at the far end where they kept the carriers. “Hey boys long time no see.” I said with a smile, then turned to the control tower. I knew Adam would be inside; it was where I use to go find him all the time when I lived here.

I looked up at the window, then appeared in front of it, with a smile on my face taunting him. Then I took it a bit further, I pulled my blades out and in a flash, I cut the entire top of the control tower off. I landed on the ground below the tower. With a sick smile on my face, they didn’t know I hand cut the top off as of yet. I looked over at Annabella and nodded for her to go, she smiled and vanished appearing on the top of the tower then vanishing again. I appeared in front of the tower one last time, I grabbed on to the side of the tower just above where I had cut, then my feet pushed against the tower as I pulled on the top. The top began to move, then the glass all around the cut shattered and the top began to come crashing down into the control room. I smiled, then vanished.

Minutes later we were back at the house we had built happy because our plan went just as we planned there was no way they would figure out the plan we had came up with. We walked to the door to our house with a smile on our faces it was time for us to retire theses cloaks for good this time.

“How long do you think it will take before they realize what we did baby?” I said to her as I reached for the door. “It doesn’t matter its done.” She replied, pulling my hand from the door and kissed me slowly. I paused to enjoy the moment, then I reached for the door. BOOM. The house exploded, sending us flying back.

I jumped up and turned to her to see if she was ok, I was relieved that she looked unharmed. The cloaks must have taken most of the impact of the blast. “Thank God for that. I thought as I got up and picked her up. She looked at me. “What was that, where did it come from.” She said her voice shaking as she spoke. “Don’t worry I thought they might attack, but I didn’t think they would be this bold to do it after I took out their control center. Guess I was wrong to say the least, well let’s show them a thing or two about what we can do.” I said to her hugging her, and then turning to the city as I watch as waves of carriers flew from the city.

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