Ten Thousand Walks Part 95

Ten Thousand Walks

“Do you really think you can hit me moving that slow.” I said with a smirk on my face from across the room. He stumbled as he tried to catch himself from falling off the table. I could see the shock in their eyes when they turned to me. I just continued to talk. “Well, how about now do you just want to give up and not be hurt?” I said, and then walked from where I was standing towards the center of the room. He jumped off the table.

“Got you.” He said, giving a signal to the others that were in the lab with us. They all pulled weapons and aimed them at me. “Your first mistake was letting us see her drink the shadow; your second mistake was not drinking it yourself. And your last and biggest mistake was walking away from her.” He said with a smile again, I just looked at him and laughed. “Think your smart cause you took it already. Well, guess what even with the Shadow you won’t be able to dodge the arrows at the speed these shoot.” He said again with a lot of pride and boosting in his voice. I knew he was the one that designed them, which meant this was going to be fun to watch him react to me catching arrows. I just started laughing.

He snapped when I started laughing. “Kill him! All of you, fire I want his blood everywhere.” He yelled, pulling his weapon out and aiming it at me. I stopped laughing as they all started firing. My phantom copies appeared everywhere catching all the arrows, then vanishing as the arrows hit the ground. “Your first mistake was not leaving when I gave you the chance. Your second mistake was thinking my lovely companion here was the one moving me. And your last and dumbest mistake was thinking I take that nonsense you call Shadow.” I said with a huge smirk on my face.

They all vanished, coming after me just as I finish speaking. I moved phantom copies of myself sent them flying back. I then looked over at Annabella and nodded my head at her, she smiled then vanished. It was going perfectly as planned, I would hold them off while she destroyed the drug in the main lab and add the additive that I design over the two years. The additive would add the extra compound to the drug to turn it into mine, turning it into a cure that would stop the addiction.

They turned their attention to her. “No you don’t your fight is with me and I don’t think you have time to be taking your eyes off me.” I said, pulling their attention back to me then my phantom copies began to appear all around them. This time I had their full attention and I was going to teach them a lesson. My phantoms moved in on them quickly dealing them one blow after the other so fast they could hardly keep track of my phantoms.

They attacked all at once shooting and punching as fast as they could, but it was all useless, they were just hitting the phantoms after I had already moved. Then I just knock them back and rough them up a bit to make it seem as if I was only able to do a little because I was at my limit just keeping myself from getting hurt. This way they would focus on me alone and forget about Annabella as she changed the formula that they wrote for the drug to mine and adding my additive to the ones they had already made.

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