Ten Thousand Walks Part 94

Ten Thousand Walks

She flew up and out of the small opening at the cities underground leave, then just as she started to fall I appeared with my hands under her. “The wind is picking up, the alarm for the air controls should be going off any second, and once it does no one will notice the intruder alarm we will be setting off once we move again.” I said as we stay perfectly still. The sensors don’t set off any alarms unless what comes in here moves and has a heat signature, and seeing that the cloaks prevented most of the heart in our bodies from showing up on the sensors we would be fine if we didn’t move again.

BEEP WHOA BEEP!! The sound of the air control alarm went off. With that, we vanished, appearing at the top of builds throughout the city, then vanishing almost the same time. We had to find the lab. Which means we need to find a large building, with enough ventilation and closed off windows to block out the light. We found the only building that the drug could be made in and appeared in front of it. No one noticed the two of us standing there in front of the building with all the confusion, we looked around to find a way in then we just vanished, leaving behind and after image that looked only like two shadows that quickly vanished when the light hitting them.

We appeared at the top of the building near a ventilation shaft, and with one quick swing, the top of it came flying off. With another quick movement I jumped in, she followed right behind me jumping over the side of the vent and into it. I came crashing through the other end of the vent in the ceiling of the inside of the lab. Going through the vent cap and landing on one of the tables, I looked up on one knee. I was surrounded by the lab techs I smiled, stood to my feet and held my hands out as Annabella fell right into my hands.

“I will make this easy on you, just go now and I won’t hurt you, sound good?” I said with a smile, hoping they would just give up and go so I didn’t have to waste any time fighting. My hopes were torn down though; they all smiled as if I was just some random theft. “Who do you think you are, breaking in this place like you are so powerful.” Said the person that looked like the lead scientists with a big smirk on his face. I looked at him and smiled, then put Annabella to stand next to me. “Go ahead and take it, I think these guys have something up their sleeves.”

She smiled and pulled the version of the Shadow drug that I had made as a cure from her coat, she popped the top off and drunk it. Then dropped the glass and as it fell I turned to kiss her as the leader spoke again. “We created that drug do you really think we have never taken it.” The leader said in anger as we kissed ignoring him completely, making him even angrier. “I’ll show you why you shouldn’t ignore me.” He said then vanished, his fist went straight through our after image.

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